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ReThinking Church, Part 2 – Church is not a Building

The problem is not that we have buildings but that we have substituted them for the meaning of church. When we examine the New Testament, the first glaring difference between the first century concept and our modern concept of ‘church,’ … Continue reading

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Freedom to Question

The best disciples are made when those in training are really free to question the positions and beliefs of their teachers. Depending upon how secure the teacher is to receive such questioning will determine its fruitfulness. However, the freedom to … Continue reading

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ReThinking Church, Part 1 – Dangerous Questions

If we are going to reach our generation, especially those growing up in our post-christian culture and homes, and falling through the cracks of our outreach programs, we must rethink church. Our Western culture has inbred in us, and passed … Continue reading

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Preaching Without Power

Today, many of our pulpits do not lack the latest in technology, biblical scholarship or homiletics. We’ve become masters of rhetoric, cliches and stories. We perfectly control every area of our services. However, in the midst of our advancement in … Continue reading

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The Danger of Unforgiveness

Woe to those who take a flippant or casual attitude toward unforgivness. According to Jesus, it is one of the sure ways of facing torment and spiritual prison. We meet them every day, even on Sundays; men and women wandering … Continue reading

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The Gospel – The Answer for Church Diversity

Here in Mississippi, the epicenter of the Civil Rights struggles from the past generation, the Gospel alone proves to be the answer for civil rights and church diversity. No, not the answer which the political pundits and flame throwers promote. … Continue reading

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My Best Friends Are Drunk

I don’t need ‘beer buddies.’ All my closest friends are already drunk…drunk with the Holy Spirit. We gather all the time and the best thing about it…we offer the same drink to anyone who wants it. It’s free of charge. … Continue reading

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4 Keys for Successful Outreach

Before entering into full time ministry in 1985, I was in sales. Immediately I noticed that some salesmen were more successful than others, even when they operated within similar conditions and geographical locations. I inquired, gleaned and learned from many … Continue reading

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The 3G Network of Leadership Failure!

The 3g network refers to more than an advertisement for a cell phone company. After more than 27 years of full time ministry, I’ve also seen a 3g network of failure among Christian leaders. This network should be recognized and … Continue reading

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