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Why Atheism is Irrational – Street Apologetics

Atheism, the position of pseudo intellectuals who claim that Christianity does not merit or demonstrate a rational worldview. Their claim is actually a red herring (diversion) they use to hide their own irrational and indefensible worldview. Why would I say … Continue reading

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Street Apologetics – Testimony

When young believers begin to share their faith, they often feel very inadequate. This is common and many times it results from the lack of understanding concerning the doctrines of Christianity. We’ve all been there. However, even though new believers find themselves … Continue reading

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ReThinking Church, Part 8 – Church Planting is NOT the Mission

Now, before you have a stroke, let me explain. Of course church planting is part of the overall strategy of evangelism and the spread of the Gospel. However, if we count the establishing or planting of a church as the … Continue reading

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Does Man Have Free Will?

Extreme Calvinists say “no” and extreme Arminians worship free will. As always, there is a great need for balance! There are pitfalls as a result of the logical conclusions we will arrive at if we embrace either extreme. The greatest … Continue reading

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