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Raising Heros

The world looks for heroes. Every generation longs for them. Heroes give us hope for a world gone crazy. They give us reasons to continue and a desire for better things. I’m convinced we look in the wrong places; hollywood, … Continue reading

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From the Tomb to the Pulpit

Every pastor is simply a messenger boy. As John Piper says, “Brethren, we are not professionals.” And yet, as simple messengers, we are entrusted with the most important message to mankind–the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Heaven’s … Continue reading

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A Call for Prayer: Please Pray for Me

My friend and brother in Christ, Marty Schoenleber, Jr., sums up the issues behind the Planned Parenthood fiasco and calls for the church to take an honest look in the mirror. I encourage all my friends to read this post … Continue reading

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The Power of Singing!

I feel that many times we underestimate the power of singing. When the presence of the Holy Spirit permeates our being, our songs are highways of evangelism and life to those walking in darkness. However, as the old saying goes, … Continue reading

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How NOT to Communicate With Others

There are ways of proper discourse and persuasion, and there are ways guaranteed to fail. The photo to the left sums up vividly how NOT to communicate with others if you want to persuade them. Our culture is filled with the … Continue reading

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Pastor Sunday Afternoon

My friend and fellow laborer in Christ, Marty Schoenleber Jr, wrote a post on Facebook that I must share. Marty has a heart for the Lord, for the Lord’s people, and for those who shepherd local flocks. He nails the … Continue reading

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Hindu Priest Comes to Christ

The power of the gospel to change a person’s being is the hope of mankind. Jesus Christ did not come to give us rules and regulations, or burden humanity with more laws and expectations. He came to die on the … Continue reading

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Confession of a Free Christian

Most people hates boxes. They require everyone to fit someone’s narrow view of reality and thought. We find this true in Christianity also. Thank God for sound theology and boundaries of historical thought concerning the person and work of Christ. … Continue reading

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Apologetics – The Bridge That Holds

The traction of outreach and life-changing evangelism of the previous generation in America was weak, in my opinion, due to the belittling of apologetics. For the most part, the church failed to engage the mind and heart of the younger … Continue reading

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Sanctity of Life – Do We Really Care?

My good friend, Marty Schoenleber Jr., posted a video recently that was produced by his ministry team at Trinity Church in Watseka, IL. This video is powerful in conveying the senseless loss of millions of lives due to abortion. I have … Continue reading

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No to Resolutions…Yes to Surrender

At the beginning of every year, millions of people, including Christians, start the calendar year off with resolutions and self-promises. It is man’s way of attempting to have a better year than the one before. If we look back over several decades, … Continue reading

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End of Construction–Thanks for your patience!

On a recent vacation trip with my wife, we visited the Billy Graham Library and museum in Charlotte, NC. It was fantastic! Throughout the visit, the message of the gospel was penetrating, convicting, and refreshing. Being a pastor in my … Continue reading

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