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Young Earth Controversy

There are some godly men who believe in the young earth position. There are some godly men who do not accept its position of the earth being only 6,000 years old. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the young earth position is … Continue reading

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How To Kill A Movement

Church history is replete with stories of how ‘natural minded’ men seek to control the work of the Holy Spirit with bureaucracy and red tape. Another such story came across my desk per a dear friend. The explosion of church … Continue reading

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The World Will Hate You

In our day of political correctness, ‘likability’ has become a golden calf. This has become true in many of our churches and pulpits. We must seek to go out as “lambs among wolves” when sharing the gospel, however, we must … Continue reading

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Our Task: Lovingly Opposing Evil in a World Gone Mad

A great post from a Pastor friend of mine! Well worth the read and needed for all of us who proclaim the marvelous gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, I invite you to subscribe to Marty’s blog and read everything … Continue reading

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John MacArthur Can Learn From Chuck Smith

John MacArthur seems to have adopted a ‘scorched earth’ policy toward charismatics and pentecostals. While there is much to be corrected within the circles of those who belong to these two groups, both doctrinally and practically, it is important to … Continue reading

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Christianity: It’s Not Just About Doctrine!

Have you ever heard, “Well, his doctrine is correct.” or “He believes in a sound statement of faith.” These are two examples of  statements which are common among evangelicals in regards to community and fellowship. It is imperative that we … Continue reading

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God’s Amazing Timing

I sat in the Oncologist office recently. It was time for the re-staging tests to determine the prognosis of my battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. It has been 5 years since I finished treatment and medically speaking this was a great … Continue reading

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Rearing Children to Stay in the Church

A Pastor friend of mine from North Carolina shared with me that one out of every four children who grow up in the Church abandon their faith once they get out on their own. (Usually off to college) Startling, but … Continue reading

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Broken Boldness

Arrogance in the pulpit–the great tragedy in the American Church. As pastors, we are called to be leaders, not in pride and aloofness, but in humility and brokenness. And we will be, as soon as we have a deep and … Continue reading

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Evaluating The Value of Modern Mission Trips

In the mind of American Christians, the thought of modern missions usually consists of people dropping $2,000 or more to fly to an overseas mission field and teach kids how to comb their hair or kick a ball. However, it … Continue reading

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A Tract…A Man…A Church

A couple of weeks ago, our Project India team traveled and did outreach and evangelism in a village where people came to market in order to sell their vegetables, fruit and fish. Our team gathered small crowds and passed out … Continue reading

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Pastor, Have You Been With Jesus?

Pastors have a great influence in the lives of their flock–they are supposed to. As under-shepherds to Christ, we are to help direct and encourage the sheep to follow Jesus in the daily life. However, there is a dangerous trend … Continue reading

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