My remaining years in this life will be given to fulfilling the burdens on my heart. I desire to see churches planted by men who are called by the Lord. Men who are not seeking to become a celebrity or build themselves an empire, but who desire to do all things for the Glory of God and to plant New Testament churches.

Also, I am greatly burdened to see believers learn who they are in Christ, learn how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and to learn to how to engage our modern culture with the gospel. Along with this, and because of my journey through cancer diagnosis and treatment, I long to share on God’s faithfulness and inward work He accomplishes in His children through the valley of affliction.

Because of these burdens from the Lord and my 28 years of experience in church leadership, I am available to help and support other Pastors, church planters and believers in several areas. This includes speaking to your Church, to retreats for Elders, to leadership candidates or to special groups. I have spoken in revival meetings, hospital fellowships, Cancer benefits, house churches and many fellowships across various denominational lines.

There are many subjects I can share on. Here are a few:

  • Church Planting (Recognizing Opportunities)
  • The Biblical View of Suffering
  • The Spirit Filled Life (Romans chapters 6-8)
  • Spiritual Discernment
  • The New Testament Pattern of Church Government
  • Biblical Accountability and Restorative Church Discipline 
  • Leadership Training
  • Street Level Apologetics

If you are part of a group of 12 adults and desire to plant a church in your area, contact me and let’s discuss if I can help your group. I can help provide ministry, training and speakers to your group.

For Pastors or Church Planters, I am available to help and support you in the work of the ministry and would love to network with you. I would be honored to be a prayer partner and become a friend as you face the front lines of ministry conflict. The obstacles and difficulties of leadership are best understood by those with experience. If you desire more info or would like to contact for any of the above, just go to the contact page and let’s talk and learn from each other. Look forward to praying, helping  and encouraging! I am your brother…

In His Grace,