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A Tract…A Man…A Church

A couple of weeks ago, our Project India team traveled and did outreach and evangelism in a village where people came to market in order to sell their vegetables, fruit and fish. Our team gathered small crowds and passed out … Continue reading

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Church Planting – Reproduction of Life

We have to love the re-emphasis of church planting the past several years. It thrills the heart of every believer to hear about men and women laying their life, and their stuff, on the altar of service for the gospel … Continue reading

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Changing Hurdle Jumpers

We have been rapidly moving toward a post-Christian culture. That can be daunting to those, like myself, who are old enough to remember the Christian dominating culture and have lived through the transition. However, if we embrace one important dynamic, … Continue reading

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Go and Tell…

A young man sits in an outreach meeting in a rural village in India. His name is Babu.* He listens as the Gospel is proclaimed in his village with clarity during a street meeting. Conviction comes upon his heart and … Continue reading

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Two Young Girls and a Cousin

Peter was one of four fishermen that Jesus called to be a member of His special group—the twelve Apostles of the Lamb. These men were entrusted to take the message they would learn during the three year ministry of Jesus … Continue reading

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Jesus Still Protects His Church

What if Jesus revealed Himself today as He did in the book of Acts? What would it look like? Would we recognize it? Last week I received another testimony from the front lines of church planting through our Project India … Continue reading

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Idolatrous Festival Director Comes to Christ

The power of the Gospel never fails to amaze me. The truth of God’s Word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit can penetrate the depth of any darkness in the heart of man. Jesus alone has the power to … Continue reading

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Reasons to Believe (Part 1)

Are there sufficient reasons for man to believe there is a God if he does not accept the Bible as God’s Word? Yes! More and more in the age we are living in, the Bible is being set aside by … Continue reading

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Holiness is Essential for Evangelism

Holiness is the single most important issue for evangelism. John Wesley said, “Get on fire for God and men will come to watch you burn.” May the Lord raise up men and women whose first desire is to live holy … Continue reading

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The Lord Reveals His Power to a Village

Over the past year the Lord has performed some astounding acts among rural villages in India. These villages had never heard the wonderful news of Jesus Christ before we reached them. They were no believers or church in their midst. … Continue reading

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Christian Writers – Beware!

All we can do is thank the Lord for the abundance of Christian writers and authors we see today. Many young men are getting into the fray of ideas by sharing the truth of the gospel, either through blogs or … Continue reading

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Why I Boycott Boycotts

I do not like boycotts. In fact, the only thing I boycott is boycotts. Why? Because to me it seems that boycotts violate the very call to take the gospel to all men. I just cannot wrap my head or … Continue reading

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