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The Lord Reveals His Power to a Village

Over the past year the Lord has performed some astounding acts among rural villages in India. These villages had never heard the wonderful news of Jesus Christ before we reached them. They were no believers or church in their midst. … Continue reading

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Psalms – A Book of Rough Edges

The Psalms were not written for ‘post it’ stickers to place on our refrigerator door or bathroom mirror to jump start our day. In fact, neither existed when David, Asaph and others penned them. They were written by men in … Continue reading

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Suffer the Little Children

A casual read through the gospels will reveal our Lord’s special love for children and His desire for us to have their disposition. There is a tender innocence toward faith and teachability which Jesus recognized in the children of his … Continue reading

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When Leaders Fall

Few things are as taxing in an Elder’s life as when a fellow Leader falls into a sin which demands he step down from ministry and go through reconciliation and restoration. These areas include certain levels of moral failure, dishonesty … Continue reading

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Letter From A Prostitute

Recently, through Project India, I was given the honor of speaking to a church in Eastern India via telephone and through an interpreter. This church is in a rural area which had recently experienced grave tragedy through the flooding of … Continue reading

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Cancer Didn’t Change The World – It Changed Me!

Three years ago today, I received the phone call which any person would cringe to hear. The call came from my family doctor, and he said, “Terry, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but we have the pathology … Continue reading

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Living Among The Tombs

We become captivated by the story of Jesus meeting a man who lived among the tombs. (Mark 5:3) This story is one about how the power of Christ overcomes the forces of darkness and demonic oppression. Restraint from chains and … Continue reading

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Cancer Never Wins!

Cancer-the sound of the word will cause your life to flip upside down if the doctor uses it! In 2008, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, and at present I am a post treatment cancer survivor. In 2003, I lost … Continue reading

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Six Sources of Suffering

If we listen to the teaching of the popular ‘Word of Faith’ preachers, we would conclude that every person, if they have enough faith, will be healed. Of course these same teachers never give a thorough teaching on the subject, … Continue reading

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