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From Allah to Jesus

My name is Beha* I was born in a very strong Muslim family. Every day meditating and following the Quran. I would like to share what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in my life. Continue reading

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End of Construction–Thanks for your patience!

On a recent vacation trip with my wife, we visited the Billy Graham Library and museum in Charlotte, NC. It was fantastic! Throughout the visit, the message of the gospel was penetrating, convicting, and refreshing. Being a pastor in my … Continue reading

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Jesus is Still the Friend of Sinners!

I get many testimonies from the front lines of church planting in rural India. They are filled with stories of the Holy Spirit’s work similar to what we read in the book of Acts. The Lord is just as committed … Continue reading

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Allah Did Not Answer, But Jesus Did!

The power of the gospel is not limited to the written words of the Scriptures only. The Lord promised to pour out the Holy Spirit upon all flesh. (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17) One of the most powerful promises that Jesus … Continue reading

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A Tract…A Man…A Church

A couple of weeks ago, our Project India team traveled and did outreach and evangelism in a village where people came to market in order to sell their vegetables, fruit and fish. Our team gathered small crowds and passed out … Continue reading

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Changing Hurdle Jumpers

We have been rapidly moving toward a post-Christian culture. That can be daunting to those, like myself, who are old enough to remember the Christian dominating culture and have lived through the transition. However, if we embrace one important dynamic, … Continue reading

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Go and Tell…

A young man sits in an outreach meeting in a rural village in India. His name is Babu.* He listens as the Gospel is proclaimed in his village with clarity during a street meeting. Conviction comes upon his heart and … Continue reading

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Snake Oil Salesmen and Their Strange Gospel

Turn on religious T.V. and it is easy to hear gospel messages about how to “be a better you,” learn to “think positive,” or get “healthy and wealthy.” These messages soothe the egos of the ignorant and carnal, helping them … Continue reading

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A Grandmother’s Prayer

I was three month’s old as I lay on the floor on a home made baby pallet. My grandmother, Mary Alice, was ironing clothes and watching over me and my older brother and sister. It was a delight for her … Continue reading

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Idolatrous Festival Director Comes to Christ

The power of the Gospel never fails to amaze me. The truth of God’s Word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit can penetrate the depth of any darkness in the heart of man. Jesus alone has the power to … Continue reading

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The Lord Reveals His Power to a Village

Over the past year the Lord has performed some astounding acts among rural villages in India. These villages had never heard the wonderful news of Jesus Christ before we reached them. They were no believers or church in their midst. … Continue reading

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Homosexuals, the Closet and the Marketplace

For the first time in American history, we have a president who openly supports homosexual marriage. His brazened humanism, though guised with words borrowed from Christianity, is another step by the privileged and elite to force the convictions of the … Continue reading

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