Wimp, Pimp or Pastor?

No, you are correct. Only one of the three words can be found in Scripture. However, all three are described in the the Bible in various ways. It is encouraging and exciting to see this young generation begin moving away from the religious wimps and pimps while responding to godly Pastors who have a genuine burden for their soul! Never being one to mince words, I’ll briefly describe all three.

Wimp – This is the shepherd who is unwilling to stand for absolute truth. They are hirelings of comfort who do not have a heart of concern for the sheep they are supposed to look after. They are too busy trying to please religious men in order to have favor with all. This causes them to be of no profit among the sheep. They have the backbone of a jelly fish and the conviction of John Locke’s tabula rasa. (clean slate) The impact of these ‘soft touch’ ministers results in the loss of biblical manhood among a generation of boys. Masculinity is perverted and the complimentarian view of marriage is destroyed as manhood gives way to feminism. When danger comes around, the shepherd who is a wimp will run. (John 10:12-13)

Pimp – This is the shepherd who has one goal: to prostitute the truth of the gospel and turn it into a means of personal gain. These come a dime a dozen. Just turn on any religious broadcasting channel and get ready to become sick. The ‘Word of Faith’ movement with its health and wealth prosperity gospel is the source of this foolishness. Gullible souls whose only goal in life are riches fall for the false teaching of these pimps. They are not just teaching a ‘little error.’ According to the Apostle Paul, they are false ministers. (1 Tim. 6:3-10) He says they are “depraved in mind and deprived of the truth.” We must say no less!

Pastor – This is the shepherd who has responded to God’s calling for one single reason….the Glory of God. His heart is not about reputation or riches. It is not about popularity or the trappings of worldly success. The Pastor knows he labors for an eternal reward which will not be determined by man, but by the Chief Shepherd. The Pastor is faithful to the Word, the Spirit of Christ and the sheep under his care! He is not for sale and cannot be bought with the dainties of compromise. He knows the destruction of many men have come at the hands of the three G’s: the Gold (riches), the Glory (pride) and the Girls (women). They guard against these with their life.

The Pastor leads the sheep gently and truthfully, never seeking to lord over anyone’s faith, but to be helpers of their joy. Though their calling is in this world, their reward is in the one to come. They are not afraid to warn the sheep of the wimps and pimps. They care for the sheep as their own children, being servants as well as leaders! In short, they have the heart of Jesus for the flock! They know when warning or discipline is necessary, as well as tenderness and long suffering. They carry the sheep in their prayers and in their heart.

So, the question is before us. Are we a Wimp, a Pimp or a Pastor?

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2 thoughts on “Wimp, Pimp or Pastor?

  1. Ian Ackerson

    Your blog has been a blessing to me these past couple days, and I hope to read more of your articles in the future. I was recently introduced to the works of Art Katz, Watchman Née, Leonard Raven hill, A.W. Tozer, and I put your insight and revelation right up there with those mighty men of God. I spent years believing half truths and compromise, but thank you Jesus, He’s put people like yourself in my path. Genuine things don’t come cheap….

    1. Ian, I pray I can be a small part of helping you along your journey with Christ. Thanks for your kind words. Nee, Ravenhill and Tozer are good ones to read. I had the privilege of sitting next to Bro Ravenhill years ago at a conference he was speaking at — what a day that was. Keep your eyes upon the Lamb and you will not go wrong. God bless… Terry

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