Street Apologetics – Doctrine

Met a man recently who claimed to be a Christian, but who was adamant about his rejection of doctrine. After letting him lay out his rejection of doctrine with a long diatribe of reasons, and praying as he shared, I felt led to answer him. I shared with him how his position was self defeating and that he could not live consistent with his claim about doctrine. How could I say this? I pointed out that in the process of rejecting doctrine, he was establishing a doctrine. That is, his doctrine was a belief that doctrine was unnecessary. And this means his doctrine of the ‘rejection of doctrine’ was also unnecessary, and died from the same death blow he was applying to other doctrines.

It is impossible for man to open his mouth and give an opinion about Christianity without offering a doctrine. We will face many similar objections against the church in the day and age we live in. Turn these types of objections upon themselves and watch the collapse. When someone makes an absolute out of a non-absolute, it will self destruct when you hold them accountable to their own absolute.

Many objections to the Christian faith can be easily deconstructed if we understand the language games played by post modern man.  It doesn’t take a degree in philosophy or epistemology, only a willingness to hear, pray and respond! BTW, this man seemed convicted over his apparent contradiction and wants to get together and discuss further. May the Lord open his eyes to see his need for sound doctrine.

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