The Church Is Too Important To Die

Numbers do not guarantee life! In our server friendly and consumer oriented society, success is measured by numbers. It is the guiding force behind capitalism. However, in God’s economy the guiding force is LOVE.

As the modern church experiences an explosion of church plants, conferences for youth and leaders, let us not fall into the trap of the deception of natural success. Unless our hearts are aflame by the Holy Spirit and consumed with the Love of Christ we are only making lateral moves of insignificance. To be like Jesus, not in word, but in deed and spirit, is the only goal of Christianity…every thing can be distilled down to this simple truth.

Pastors are burning out, teenagers are abandoning the church, marriages among ‘believers’ are failing at the same rate as the world. Much of the anemic conditions of the church are hidden by the false perception of crowds, concerts, conferences and busyness. Behind the scenes, when Pastors and believers are by themselves, they are engulfed with loneliness, weariness, addictions to secret sins, and hopelessness.

The only remedy to protect the Church from death within a local community is a return to the altar of absolute surrender to Jesus. No games, no gimmicks, no manipulation for show…only a broken and contrite heart which wants nothing except Christ, seeks no glory excepts God’s and yields to no leadership except that of the Holy Spirit. The Church is too important to die. Too important to be turned into an exercise of religious futility and a conscience appeasing social gathering.

God’s people are the Church. Our life is not determined by the multitudes, the activity of programs, or the acceptance of society. It is only determined by our intimacy with the Risen Christ. Our hearts are genuinely free only as we take our hands off and surrender to His plan and call in our life. Let us guard against the modern tactic of propping up our lifeless condition with more activity and volunteer efforts. This will only disguise our true condition and accelerate our fall.

Instead, let us all examine our hearts to discern if we are walking in the power of our First Love! If not, don’t wait…don’t delay…don’t run! Let us fall on our knees before our gracious king, repent of our sins and surrender afresh to His great forgiveness and love. Freedom and life await us as we do!

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