Mondays Are For Recovery

Pastors will understand how Mondays are a special day for spiritual recovery. Sunday has ended, you’ve poured your heart and soul out to the sheep in prayer and teaching, you’re tired and needing rest. Mondays offer a much needed day of recuperation. Whenever possible, this should be a day to set aside a volume of time to do several things for the spiritual health and vitality of the leader. Here a 4 things I have found to be essential for recovery.

Quiet Time – Nothing recharges me more than quiet time before the Lord in prayer. Learning the discipline of silence in His presence is a great value. No phone calls, no text messages, etc. Just quiet time before the Lord! Give me a couple of hours of quiet time and I’m amazingly refreshed. (Psa. 46:10; Isa. 40:31)

Devotional – Reading materials which encourages my heart. Not study or research material, just simple devotional reading which speaks to ‘my soul.’  A Biography of an old saint or even a ‘research free’ reading of the scriptures can do wonders for a weary soul. (Psa. 119:97, 103, 165)

Vision – Reflecting on the visions and promises the Lord has given me keeps my focus from getting distracted. Distraction from your vision will cause you to be tempted to pick up another man’s burden, and thereby, sideline yours. (Pro. 29:18; 2Tim. 1:6)

Relaxation – Researchers say that doing a task completely different from the norm will refresh your mind more than rest. This could be a myriad of things. (Walking, jogging, biking, fishing, etc.) Not consuming things, just a relaxed diversion. (Mark 6:31) To be outside in nature is one of the greatest joys of relaxation for me, especially with my wife or boys. In fact, the photo in the title of this website is from a relaxing time with my wife as we fished along a stream in our home state.

These four basic things can do wonders for restoring your energy, maintaining your freshness and clearing your mind for the week ahead! It doesn’t have to be Monday, but the importance of at least one day a week is critical for preventing ministry burn out.

Because of His Grace,

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