You Might Be A Modern Worship Leader If…

Heres are 20 ways to help you discern if you might be a modern worship leader. It may be your calling if…

  • You wash your hair once a week
  • Have tan lines along your flip flops straps
  • Think an ‘iron’ is only for golfers
  • Know every Chris Tomlin song
  • Think King David played a Martin Guitar
  • Cycle through your clothes 3 times before washing them
  • 33 years old and still live with your parents
  • Think a ‘razor’ is an old motorola cell phone
  • Think AC/DC band laid down tracks for worship songs
  • You hold up a hymnal and ask, “Who wrote this funny looking book?”
  • Think ‘extra loud’ makes the music anointed
  • You can only pray in ‘rhyme and rhythm’
  • Can find the chords to every ‘Mercy Me’ song, but can’t find the book of Jude
  • Love church because of music, but do not like expository teaching
  • It is more important to look cool than to be holy
  • Have a secular rock band on the side
  • Wear muscle shirts during worship to look more buff than the pastor
  • Had at least two auto accidents while changing worship CDs
  • Are always late on Sunday, usually because God was inspiring  you to write a new song

Just a little attempt at some levity. Hmmm….but come to think of it, some of it is sadly true! Sometimes, the ability to laugh at ourselves will hold up a clear mirror for self reflection. (And no, in case you’re wondering, I’m not a suit and tie kind of guy, but I’m not against it either.) We can’t expect others to be an example if we reject the responsibility ourselves. Yes, we want freedom and liberty, but we also want to say, with maturity and moderation, follow me as I follow Christ!

Something to think about!

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