Marks of Mature Leadership – #1

Mature Leadership – aspired to by many, reached by few. We are not in lack of leadership in our church settings and church planting. However, a quick glance at the churches around us, and the continual upheaval of ministry problems, reveals there is a great lack of ‘mature leadership.’ Discussions with believers from various denominational settings and house churches also reveal our need in this area. Now, it is obvious, that maturity is not instantaneous; but it should be continual. We all, myself first, want to walk more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, more compassionate to those hurting and more obedient to our Lord.

Mark #1 – An Inward Realization of the Depth of Our Depravity

What are some of the marks of a mature leader? We will look at several over time, but here is our first installment. A mature leader will continually grow, not just in theological explanations, but, in an inward realization of the depths of his own depravity! This inward realization is the impetus of several dispositions.

  • Easily approached and entreated
  • Quick to repent of his sin
  • Not defensive when corrected
  • Humility before others struggling with sin
  • Compassion toward those needing spiritual help
  • Prayer life a priority
  • Carefulness in ‘how’ truth is spoken
  • No airs concerning self image

As we grow in our intimacy with Christ, allowing Him to draw us nearer to His heart, we will constantly see the weakness and sinfulness of our flesh AND our need for His constant grace. This is why Satan fights so hard to keep pastors and leaders busy with doing ‘church.’ He wants to keep us away from quality prayer and prayerful study of God’s Word…for these two will be a constant reminder that we continually fall short of the Glory of God. As a result of the inward realization of our own depravity, arrogance will lose it’s place in our preaching and teaching.

Let us meet our wonderful Lord each day in the quietness of prayer and confession, and in prayerful bible study. What a leader is, he is on his knees, and nothing more. It will be the most valuable time we spend each day…for us and for the sheep He has entrusted to our care.

In over 26 years of full time preaching, I look back and am aware that the most Spirit anointed and properly communicated messages were those in which my own depravity and inabilities were in the forefront of my heart as I shared. Truly, His strength is revealed out of our weakness.

Alas, and did my Savior bleed,
And did my Sovereign die!
Would He devote that Sacred head
For such a worm as I!

Because of His Grace,

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