My Best Friends Are Drunk

I don’t need ‘beer buddies.’ All my closest friends are already drunk…drunk with the Holy Spirit. We gather all the time and the best thing about it…we offer the same drink to anyone who wants it. It’s free of charge. Business is always open. The tab never goes over. The drinks are always refreshing and they never leave you with a hangover.

Beware though, some people try to sell a form of it with gimmicks and false promises. Others claim to have the drink, but it is obvious they are only pretending to be drunk. I’m sure you’ve seen them; they show up every week but never display the characteristics of those who are really enjoying this beverage. Their ‘drink’ has no real kick, it only makes them appear acceptable within their social club.

The intoxication from the real fountain has several earmarks. They are:

  • Passionate about Jesus
  • Given to real prayer and fasting
  • Desire to be Holy
  • Given to continual study of God’s Word
  • Reaching out to others with their life
  • Easily entreated
  • Cheerful givers
  • Repentent of any known sin
  • Broken and contrite

Do you know any persons like this? Are you drunk with the river of life that Jesus promised? If so, welcome to New Testament Pentecost and pull up a chair. I would love to be your friend. If not, come on in, the water is fine!

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.” (Eph. 5:18)

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