The Gospel – The Answer for Church Diversity

Here in Mississippi, the epicenter of the Civil Rights struggles from the past generation, the Gospel alone proves to be the answer for civil rights and church diversity. No, not the answer which the political pundits and flame throwers promote. But that which is real, eternal and offers change from the inside!

While many still make their living off continually discussing ways to create church diversity, the answer is simple. We don’t need another book, another conference, another commitment sheet to sign or another self appointed racial guru…these all come a dime a dozen. We just simply need to proclaim, live and demonstrate the Gospel.

Our outreach team, which is also multi-ethnic, recently spent time praying and feeling the burden the Lord has for all people. Then they reached out to neighborhoods and through door to door invitation brought in many children to a week of games and bible lessons. Above is a picture of some of the children. Look closely…you’ll see Caucasian, African American, Indian, Chinese, Latino and Interracial ethnicities. My, my, my, how beautiful! If we can do this in the heart of the deep south, where racial tensions have resulted in many murderous crimes, it can be done anywhere. Church diversity is not rocket science, complicated or difficult. It is a natural flow which takes place when a group of people have their hearts changed by the Gospel.

Don’t waste your money on another book or conference on Church Diversity or multi- ethic outreach…..Just Do It!!


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