Preaching Without Power

Today, many of our pulpits do not lack the latest in technology, biblical scholarship or homiletics. We’ve become masters of rhetoric, cliches and stories. We perfectly control every area of our services. However, in the midst of our advancement in communication possibilities, it is obvious many care more about the lights than the Light, more about the laughter than the Love, more about the presentation than the Presence. Sadly, many leaders have become masters of contentless sermons.

“Evangelicals are masters in entertainment and minimalists in thought.” ~ Ravi Zacharias

We are men of our times…and that can be our greatest failure. Thank the Lord for modern technology and innovative ways to share the gospel. However, let them not become our substitution for what gave birth to Christianity. We need to lay before the Lord, in humility and brokenness, and allow the Lord to fill us afresh with the Holy Spirit. Many ‘strange children’ are being born from our messages which focus on techniques rather than Truth… recording the message rather than Repentance. We have ‘peach fuzz’ prophets whose only desire is to be the next ‘big preacher celebrity’ rather than a faithful servant who seeks God’s presence instead of the applause of man.

It is simple, we preach without power, and that makes our sermons more like a newspaper article rather than a live coal from the altar of God. In all our organizing, prepping, visual effects and exegesis, let us not forget the most important thing…the Presence of the Lamb of God in our lives. He alone is our power, our wisdom and our message. I’m not talking about loud antics, sweating and huff n puff acting. But the convicting presence of Christ when we share God’s Word.

The eternal destiny of the men before us is linked to our message…they’ll quickly forget our gimmicks, antics, jokes and our stories. But once the Power of the Holy Spirit convicts them of sin and reveals His presence, they’ll never forget that. The gospel alone is the power of God to bring men to salvation. Let us not forget that! (Rom.1:16)


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