Freedom to Question

The best disciples are made when those in training are really free to question the positions and beliefs of their teachers. Depending upon how secure the teacher is to receive such questioning will determine its fruitfulness. However, the freedom to challenge, investigate and question every belief will determine whether we are creating puppets of man or followers of Jesus. Cookie cutting disciples will not endure the test of this postmodern and post-christian age. Questions from unbelievers and heretics will rock their faith axioms if they haven’t challenged them with ferocity and are convinced of the soundness of their own doctrines.

Jesus allowed it… (John 3:4)

Paul applauded it… (Acts 17:11)

John promoted it… (I Jn. 4:1)

Maturity demands it

The ability of our disciples to stand firm in the doctrinal absolutes of Scriptures in the midst of our day will be directly linked to the depth of the investigation we have allowed them to question what we teach them. We should not only allow them to question, we should demand they question and lead then into it!

Do you give the men you are training for leadership the freedom to question everything?

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