Four Roads to Calvary

Down at the crossroads….a popular statement used mainly when someone is giving directions. The same can be said about Calvary. It is a cross-road given to us for directions for understanding our need of forgiveness and God’s offer of salvation. This crossroad is where four eternal truths intersected and revealed answers to the big questions of life.

Every intersection has four roads or paths leading to the crossroad. Regardless which one of the four roads one is traveling, he will cross the intersection. Likewise, Jesus suffering on Calvary’s cross has four roads leading to it, and regardless which difficult issue man is considering, the answer is always at the cross section of these four truths.

Man’s Need – There is none good…no not one! Man is incapable of meriting God’s favor. Calvary’s cross reveals the ultimate depth of man’s need…total depravity.

God’s Justice – Jesus’ crucifixion was necessary to meet the demands of God’s justice against sin. He suffered in our place and faced the judgement of the Father on our behalf.

God’s Offer of Redemption – God’s Love is revealed through Calvary’s cross. God did not have to, but because of His great love he gave His only begotten Son so that we may redeemed and brought into intimate relationship with Him.

Man’s Forgiveness of Sin – To think on this is nothing short of shouting ground. We stand forgiven and cleansed from guilt and shame based solely on Jesus’ life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension.

Therefore, next time someone asks for directions in life…send them down to the Cross. That is, the place where these four eternal truths intersect. Tell them about Jesus! His work on Calvary is the only event in history which asks and answers all the important questions of mankind.

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