Pray Big…Think Small

Yes, you read the title correctly; Pray Big… Think Small. After spending a lot of time with various people throughout many years of ministry, I find these two reversed in people’s life. Instead they are always thinking big, promoting big and wanting big, but are praying very little or in small measure. Many believers dwell in a cave of fear, pinned down by insecurities and fleshly barriers. Outreach is not as difficult as we make it, as long as we keep things in their proper order. Success as a believer is not measured by results, but by obedience. And each believer can be used if we remember these two simple issues.

Pray Big – Our Lord wants to reach those around us with the same redemption He has given us. The greatest impact we can have ‘now,’ is in the everyday, ins and outs, warp and woof of our daily life. Our biggest prayer should not be for opportunities with others, but first for our willingness to obey the great commission in the opportunities we already have in everyday life…we should pray for boldness! Why should the Lord give us more ‘doors of utterance’ (Col.4:3) if we are not taking advantage of the ones we already have? If our prayers are not dealing with our fears, insecurities, false self image, lack of gospel understanding and inertia in sharing Christ, then we are praying too small.

Think Small – The routine things of our day are the small fields each of us are given to demonstrate and witness to those around us. A waitress, a neighbor, a shut-in, a new employee, a new employer, a teenager, a clerk, twitter, facebook, etc. Men and women are falling through the cracks of our ‘bigger is better’ models of church. Evangelism, discipleship and mentoring are all, at their very core, one on one. If we are missing the special touch and humanness of one on one, we are thinking too big.

So, let’s get the order correct and repent of the commercialized view of what outreach and evangelism is about. If we ‘pray big and think small’ we discover a beautiful and liberating truth about outreach: everyone has an everyday life and can do it!

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