When Leaders Fall

Few things are as taxing in an Elder’s life as when a fellow Leader falls into a sin which demands he step down from ministry and go through reconciliation and restoration. These areas include certain levels of moral failure, dishonesty and doctrinal error. A lot can be said on the qualifications of ‘certain levels,’ but that can be a post in and of itself.

There are many areas which we can discuss, but let’s look at two essential ones. One involves the fallen brother and the other the congregation or local body.


Purpose is to Restore – Should be obvious, but is easy to overlook and lose sight of this. The purpose is not punitive, but restorative. If our motive ever leaves this, we may perform the steps, but they will not produce life and liberty. Continue reading “When Leaders Fall”

You Shall Dream Dreams

Many modern attempts of evangelism seem to place their dependance upon music, lighting, eloquence of speech and personal charisma. We ‘convince’ converts through gimmicks, crafty persuasion or emotional manipulations. We make them part of the ‘club’ with alluring benefits of gyms, golf tournaments, concerts and other devised and enticing opportunities if they join up. And, sad to say, our converts reveal the results of these carnal attempts by being no different from the world we are supposed to rescue them from. Usually, instead of genuine believers, we create unregenerated religiousites (my word) who now are under the delusion of being saved. We produce “strange children” because we use our fleshly attempts instead of the simplicity of God’s Word and reliance upon the Holy Spirit.

The Lord promised something much greater. He said,

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:” (Acts 2:17-18, emphasis added)

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which began on the Day of Pentecost after our Lord’s resurrection, is the catalyst which should be the power and clarity of our life and Continue reading “You Shall Dream Dreams”

ReThinking Church, Part 7 – Instantly Evangelistic

When we examine the Biblical text we find another stark contrast between evangelism in the modern church verses what it looked like in the New Testament church. Today, for the most part and with few exceptions, evangelism is relegated to and seen as the responsibility of Pastors and Evangelists. Pastors, because they are continually teaching and preaching to inquirers and visitors on Sunday mornings. Evangelists, because soul winning is innate to their gifting and the thrust of their talents and calling. (Much could be said about this, but it would take us off topic.)

Evangelism in the New Testament church was an immediate and ordinary action following conversion to Jesus as Lord. Fishing for men became the instant and expected norm of a new believer. Today, we make converts comfortably inactive by giving them all the excuses why they need to wait: you’re not prepared, you need to learn, you are not an evangelist, bring your friends to church, get your friends to call the Pastor, etc…  Continue reading “ReThinking Church, Part 7 – Instantly Evangelistic”

Letter – Jesus is God of White People in USA

The power of the gospel is clearly seen when the preacher of the gospel clearly presents it. Too many times, in America, pastors in the pulpits present Jesus as a western version of a middle class idol. While our churches wonder if they can get new lighting equipment, projectors and nicer pews, millions around the world are dying who have never heard the name or gospel of Jesus. We may say we believe men who do not know Jesus will go to eternal damnation, but we sure do not live like it. We are too busy chasing the American dream and wasting our time and finances on the foolish and lustful pleasures of this life.

When others in foreign lands hear about our Jesus, they do not want Him. And that is good, because most of the time, if they get their understanding of Jesus from religious TV, they are not hearing about the Jesus of the Bible anyway. However, when the simplicity of the gospel is presented, the Holy Spirit is powerfully present to arrest the hearts of man to respond in faith. Hallelujah, what a Savior! Continue reading “Letter – Jesus is God of White People in USA”