Letter From a Terrorist

The power of the Gospel never ceases to amaze me. Satan seeks to destroys people’s lives by keeping them from experiencing the truth that “God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself.” (2Cor. 5:19) The dark veil of unbelief that Satan uses to blind mankind is unable to resist the liberating power of truth spoken in love. Below is a testimony I just received from a hindu terrorist who came to an outreach meeting I spoke to, via telephone, in India. I will conceal the name and bits of information for obvious reasons. (The language is not smooth as it has gone through translation, but I wanted you to get the feel of the person.)

My name is R___. I have been suffering from evil spirits and bad dreams. I have gone to many people seeking deliverance and healing, but no one could. The doctors said, ‘we find no problem in your body. You are fully OK.’ I see and hear the evil spirits come to me saying we will take you to hell. Then Bro E_____ asked me to come to outreach meeting. I asked if it is a Christian meeting. If it is Christian meeting, I don’t want to come and hear, because I feel Jesus is not a god for India. Even when I see the people going to the church I used to ask them why do you want worship the other god of white people? Come back to our Hinduism. We have 330million gods and goddess. I am very strong in Hinduism. I am also national _____  for R.S.S GROUP in India. I preached in many meetings and encourage the women to send out the Christians from your villages if they become Christans and worship Jesus. Now you can understand who I am. I prayed to millions of Hindu gods to heal me and deliver me from evil spirits, but I get no answer from them. When I come to community hall, I am seeing a man who I don’t like. Because of him many come to Christianity in our region and state….he is Pastor J___. He welcomed me into the community hall when he saw me. I know many times, my group asked him to not preach about Jesus and not to give baptisms. When I came to outreach meeting, Pastor Terry preaching about the love of God, and creation, the love of Jesus, His cross and death. I cried a lot and tears comedown from my eyes. I could not stop them. I praise the Lord for Terry. When he said Jesus loves you, Jesus love you, Wow!… I feel the love of Jesus and see the vision of His cross. When Terry called me to welcome Jesus into my heart, I just come forward. I received Jesus! Not only that, when pastor Terry prayed for me, I see evil spirits going out from my life. Now, I no more for RSS HINDU GROUP. NOW I BELONG TO JESUS. Thank you brother Terry…

The answer for the ills of man, regardless of their heart’s condition and their past, is the Love of Christ received through repentance and faith. The Apostle Paul taught that if the gospel is hidden from a man, it is because Satan has blinded their minds and heart from perceiving the truth. (2Cor. 4:3,4) Our job is not only one of proclaiming the Gospel with clarity and power, but in prayer standing against the work of Satan to keep men and women from receiving life through Jesus.

Please join me in prayer for the upcoming outreach meetings in rural India. There are many others who need Christ. Through our prayers, may the Lord grant us boldness to proclaim, and the victory over the works of darkness so that many more souls will come into the kingdom of Christ. And out of these converts, we are continually trusting the Lord to raise up workers and church planters for the continual work among the unreached. (Luke 10:2)

Thanks and God bless…

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