Church Planters Conference – November 2011

Here is a report concerning the PROJECT INDIA Church Planters Conference held in November in rural India. Many great testimonies are coming in regarding the work the Lord did and is doing from this conference. I’ll be sharing some of them on the Letters From India page in the next few days. As you look at the photos, I would like for you to realize it was not my desire to have my picture on it, but Bro. John insisted that, culturally speaking, they strongly desire to see a picture of any person speaking to them. Therefore, I simply yielded to their request according to Paul’s teaching in 1Corinthians 9:19-23.

We had 65 (60 men, 5 wives) attend the three day conference. I taught on four subjects: The Cross, The Love of God, Evangelism and Church Planting. It was a great time of teaching and joyful fellowship. A personal highlight for me was hearing and seeing (via DVD recording) these men sing praises to the Lord, and hearing the testimonies they sent to me.

Part of the messages was video recorded in order to send into the remote villages which do not have phone service. They are playing the messages for outreach and training of other men who were unable to attend the conference. We gave new Bibles to those who needed them. These Bibles are in Telugu, the native language of this region of India. Also, we provided 2 meals each day and accommodations for those who attended.

Within a week of the conclusion of the Conference, 18 of the men (Pastors, ages 24-55) committed to go to unreached villages as Church Planters! Each man will move his family to a designated village which is surrounded by 5-6 smaller villages. We are renting homes for them to live in and they will begin work to evangelize and plant churches in the central village and the surrounding village. This gives us the potential of planting over 100 churches within the next year. Please pray for this. We need to trust the Lord to raise up new leaders from the harvest. (Luke 10:2)

At the conclusion of the conference, we had a question and answer session, whereby these men could inquire about doctrinal and outreach issues. It was a very fruitful discussion as we discussed questions about the Trinity, Baptism, The Uniqueness of Jesus, Leadership Training and many others. These brothers have a heart for truth in order to lead men to the genuine salvation. The gospel is the only message which can change a man’s heart.

We are planning to have further training for the 18 men, along with their wives, once a month and every month beginning in January 2012. Please pray as we train them on the deeper understanding of systematic theology, leadership and church planting. They are on the front lines of apostolic mission to reach those who have never heard the gospel.

Finally, I would like to thank those who helped make this PROJECT INDIA Church Planters Conference possible. Without your sacrificial giving, none of this would be possible. May the Lord bless you according to His promise to those who sacrifice for the sake of the gospel. (Phil. 4:16-20)

Below are a few photos for you to enjoy. If you would like to help reach unreached villages with us, please consider helping. You can go here to learn about how you or your church can help. For questions, feel free to contact me.




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