Letter From a Witchdoctor – Darkness to Light

The power of the Holy Spirit reveals His work through the preaching of the Gospel. As Jesus is proclaimed, the Holy Spirit can break through the powers of darkness and deliver man. Satan’s deception and lies cannot prevent truth from piercing the heart of those seeking truth and setting them free in Christ. Below is a testimony received from a recent outreach meeting in a rural village of India. We rented a community hall and invited people to come to the meeting. Ten people openly came forward to receive the Lord’s offer of salvation. One man, who lived next to the community, just sent this testimony to us. (The English is rough as it has gone through translation from his native language of Telugu.)

My name is M________ . I am very bad person. Whenever I see a pastor or hear the gospel, I used to become very angry because I use to think bible belongs to white people. Jesus is not an Indian, why should we pray to him when we have 330 million gods and goddesses?

I am the person who does witchcraft. I practice the witchcraft to control and kill people. I operated in witchcraft with an evil spirit.

I was suffering a lot and I had no peace at all. I am so depressed in my at my home which is located beside the community hall. One day as I was crying I was hearing the preaching of a message. From the community hall someone is preaching in English and Pastor J___ is translating the sound. It was very clear. After that, I asked a church number who is preaching? She said Pastor Terry from USA. The message that he preached touched my heart. I did not know Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins. Terry explained the Word just like feeding a little child; it was so clear. It was such a blessing to hear that Jesus loves me. When Terry asked to come forward to receive Jesus into my heart, I am sorry I did not go into community hall. But, when I was at home, I prayed and surrendered to Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Pastor J___, I did not tell anyone that I received Jesus into my heart. Now, I am writing to you. I stopped doing the witchcraft and am only doing some work and want to come to church. I have held this testimony for a couple of months. Last week Jesus visited in my dream and told me to write to you. So I am sending this letter to you.

I love you Brother J___. Please share my story to Pastor Terry. Please let me know when he comes to India, I want meet him and tell him that I love him. Because of his obedience to the Lord’s call, I am completely changed.

Only the Gospel can break the power and bondage of sin and the powers of darkness and set men free. Jesus is still on His throne, still reaching out to me to repent and still revealing His presence and power through the preaching of His Word.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36)

As Christians, we have the only message which can change a man’s heart and bring him into fellowship with God. Let us not shrink back from the clear proclamation of the truth of God’s Word.

Please place PROJECT INDIA on your prayer list. May the Lord continue to use us to reach the unreached villages through outreach meetings and church planting!

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