Why Atheism is Irrational – Street Apologetics

Atheism, the position of pseudo intellectuals who claim that Christianity does not merit or demonstrate a rational worldview. Their claim is actually a red herring (diversion) they use to hide their own irrational and indefensible worldview. Why would I say that? Glad you asked! Atheism fails to offer explanatory power for many actualities we know in life.

Atheism offers no rational and coherent explanation for:

  • The complexity of the universe – The fine tuning of the universe necessarily points to an intelligent designer. The possibility of a cosmos with intelligent life and a place of habitation to sustain it is mathematically impossible. The complexity and fine tuning of the universe demands that a Divine Mind created it and directs it.
  • The uniqueness of man – The distinction man has from other animals points to a personal source. Man’s personality makes him unique and special. You can not get human personality from a non-personal source. Continue reading “Why Atheism is Irrational – Street Apologetics”

Street Apologetics – Testimony

When young believers begin to share their faith, they often feel very inadequate. This is common and many times it results from the lack of understanding concerning the doctrines of Christianity. We’ve all been there. However, even though new believers find themselves on a sharp learning curb, they have one of the most powerful tools for witnessing…the testimony of their conversion! Every genuine Christian has this.

A casual reading through the book of Acts reveals the frequent use of personal testimony by the apostles. It is no different with us, as the power of a changed life is a piercing knife to this present generation. With it comes passion, conviction and a simple clarity about Christ and Him crucified. And the Lord knows we need more of this in the midst of abundance of dead orthodoxy. Continue reading “Street Apologetics – Testimony”

ReThinking Church, Part 8 – Church Planting is NOT the Mission

Now, before you have a stroke, let me explain. Of course church planting is part of the overall strategy of evangelism and the spread of the Gospel. However, if we count the establishing or planting of a church as the final goal, we miss the heart of Jesus and the example of the Apostle Paul in the book of Acts.

When church planting becomes the mission, several destructive issues arise.

  • Power Play – Fight over who’s boss (Can involve family ties, social clicks, racial profiling, etc…)
  • Satisfaction – We have arrived.
  • Pride – Look what we have accomplished.
  • Inertia – At ease in Zion.
  • Self Absorbed – Can we build a larger building to impress the community. (Of course, the building is always for the ‘Glory of God.’ …sarcasm intended.)
  • Old Testament Paradigm – Come and hear, as opposed to New Testament model of ‘go and tell.’

The above problems, and many others associated with them, is what we see in the majority of fellowships in America.  However, these all contrast the teachings of Jesus and the outworking of His teachings which are demonstrated through the early church, Continue reading “ReThinking Church, Part 8 – Church Planting is NOT the Mission”

Does Man Have Free Will?

Extreme Calvinists say “no” and extreme Arminians worship free will. As always, there is a great need for balance! There are pitfalls as a result of the logical conclusions we will arrive at if we embrace either extreme. The greatest pitfall is the damage to a clear presentation of the gospel. We must, in order to remain biblically balanced, hold to both the Sovereignty of God and the Free Will of man. If we allow either truth to crush out the other, it will lead us to various levels of misrepresentations of the gospel.

The entire biblical text presupposes, implies and teaches free will. Biblical commands tell us the ‘oughts,’ and the oughts presupposes ‘choice,’ and choice implies ‘free will.’ This part is just very simple when we are not forcing conclusions by cherry picking verses to support extreme Calvinism.

When free will is denied, you’ll always hear and observe a struggling attempt to discuss people surrendering to Christ, especially if the teacher is honestly attempting to remain logically consistent with his position. Most brothers who are five point calvinists, will still present the call to repent and place your faith in Christ alone for salvation. Continue reading “Does Man Have Free Will?”