Street Apologetics – Testimony

When young believers begin to share their faith, they often feel very inadequate. This is common and many times it results from the lack of understanding concerning the doctrines of Christianity. We’ve all been there. However, even though new believers find themselves on a sharp learning curb, they have one of the most powerful tools for witnessing…the testimony of their conversion! Every genuine Christian has this.

A casual reading through the book of Acts reveals the frequent use of personal testimony by the apostles. It is no different with us, as the power of a changed life is a piercing knife to this present generation. With it comes passion, conviction and a simple clarity about Christ and Him crucified. And the Lord knows we need more of this in the midst of abundance of dead orthodoxy.

Therefore, if you are limited in your knowledge of sound doctrine because you are young in the faith, just open up your testimony and let your light shine. Sure, there may be questions proffered that you can’t answer, but the witness of a new life speaks volumes to those looking for truth. And the questions presented to us which we do not know will give us a continual impetus to dig into the treasures of God’s Word. Do not let youth and inexperience keep you silent…that is the enemy’s device. Speak with boldness, speak with conviction, speak with certainty. After all, new born babes usually get the best attention with a captive audience!

Father, I pray you grant boldness to every believer reading this…especially the young believers who have been intimidated by the lies of the enemy. Lord, you have given each of your children the testimony of a changed life and the experience of the new birth. Let us use our journey from darkness to light as the springboard to declare your Word to our generation. In Jesus name…Amen!


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