You Might Be A Racist If…

I grew up in the deep south. I’ve seen racism up close and personal. As a 60’s child I lived through the racial uprisings of the civil rights movement. I saw the ugliness, the hatred and the foolishness of racism from a front row seat.

When I became a Christian at the age of 18, I was equally appalled at the racism which existed, and still exists, in much of the Church. It was even uglier and more vile because those spouting it claimed to belong to Jesus Christ…however, their speech and actions betrayed their racist hearts and revealed their true colors. (no pun intended)

Racism is not just a Caucasian or African-American problem…it is a human problem. It exists in all communities and is aimed at those who are different from the personal norm. I am not one to mince words; I leave that for the crooked politicians and phony preachers who seek political correctness. I’m not seeking anyone’s approval. I only desire to be faithful to Christ and His Words…that’s it!

With that, I would like to share some lifelong observations about racism. A litmus test, if you will, to examine our actions and thought processes to determine if there are areas of racism hidden in our heart which we may not be aware of. I’m not concerned with secular society, only the Church. I have given my life to Christ and have no greater desire than to see believers walk and demonstrate the life changing truth of the gospel. So, here it goes.

You Might Be A Racist if…

  • All you ever discuss is racism, blaming the ‘white man’ or the ‘black man’ for societies ills.
  • You make a living off of stirring up racial strife.
  • You support those who make a living off of continually stirring up racial strife. (You know who they are. Under the guise of being Christian clergy they continually grab headlines and raise money by stirring up controversy.)
  • You defend those harmed within your ethnic group, but others outside your group ‘had it coming to them.’
  • You only think other ethnic groups can be racist, but not yours.
  • You may not say it, but you think in terms of ‘nigger, honkey, monkey, cracker, white or black.’
  • Your church is either ‘lily white’ or ‘midnight black’ and you do not stand up against it by promoting evangelism and church membership of persons from different races.
  • You think in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them.’
  • You apply God’s truth to the sins of other races, but not to your own. (i.e. You mourn when one from your ethnic group experiences a hate crime, but when one of your own ethnic members commits a crime against another race, you conveniently turn from commenting.)
  • You witness to your ethnic group, but not to others.
  • You fail to invite a person from a different race to church because of embarassment of what ‘your group’ may think or the political racial rantings which flow from your leaders.
  • You preach ‘equal, but separate.’
  • You fail to take a stand against known racists in your church because they are old and about to die anyway. (Failing to recognize that their racism has been reproduced in their children.)
  • You’ve gotten mad at me for one or more of the above statements!

Racism cuts every different direction. It is a blight on many southern churches because of the failure of the previous generation to deal with it biblically. However, the real victory over racism doesn’t begin with a petition, parade or conciliatory speech or any other token action. Neither will the churches change by purchasing more books on racism or studying speeches of social reformers. It starts with you and me. Will we take an honest look into our heart and do serious soul-searching and repentance before our Lord and Savior?

When Jesus makes a heart new, racism becomes a thing of the past. Why? Because we are changed by the Love of God in Christ Jesus. And this love helps each of us see that because Amazing Grace has saved a wretch like you and me, there is hope and love for all!

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