The Good Physician…He Has Never Lost A Case

Preparing for suicide, I set the steering wheel for the bridge rail. The pain of brokenness had to stop, and this was the easiest way. Satan showed me my own funeral…all the flowers, the eulogies, the friends. All were coming to pay respects as they were saddened by my death in a car accident.

Only one thing was missing; Satan never showed me the eternal damnation I was facing. The pain of my young life had overwhelmed me. Everything around me seemed broken. I had broken the hearts of many friends, my own heart, the moral law, the social law, and my own expectations. I was only 18, yet my inward life was in shambles. It was time to ‘go out’ under the guise of an accident.

Then, as certain as the still small voice spoke to Elijah, the Lord spoke, piercing the deception of the enemy and the darkness of my heart. He convicted me of my sin and offered me hope and forgiveness at the same time. I cried out to Him…repenting of my sins and surrendering my whole heart and life to Him as my Lord and Savior.

He came, not because I saw myself as special, privileged or elect. But because I was broken, at the end of my own strength, saw my need for redemption and was crying out in faith. And in that brokenness, Jesus redeemed this poor soul and began to heal the pieces of my life. That’s what a good physician does! (Mark 2:17)

Are you broken today?

Have you given up on life?

Have you hurt all those around you with your selfishness?

Do you feel unredeemable?

Is your sin overwhelming you?

If so, take heart. You are a perfect candidate for God’s grace! He comes to the lowly and desperate. To those who see their sin and cry out for grace. He came to call people like you and me to salvation…those who are broken and tired of offering excuses for our rebellion and sin. He grants to us the faith to believe and trust in His sacrifice for our sins. His love is what brings us to this brokenness…it is Him.

Come to the Savior; to the good physician. He has never lost a case!

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