Homosexuals, the Closet and the Marketplace

For the first time in American history, we have a president who openly supports homosexual marriage. His brazened humanism, though guised with words borrowed from Christianity, is another step by the privileged and elite to force the convictions of the few upon and against the convictions of the majority; and against the moral foundation of our nation. This is certainly tragic and it reveals the slippery slope of moral decay our country has been on for several decades.

But really, how bad is the thrust of homosexual openness in our country? As more and more come ‘out of the closet,’ does it lead us to another step of social apostasy? Were we really better off when the “Billie Joe MacAllisters” of this nation just ran and jumped off the Tallahatchie bridge! (For the young readers, google ‘Ode to Billie Joe.’)

How would we see it if we stepped back and gave an honest look at the situation from a larger context? What opportunity does it offer to the Church?

The Closet

As the Church, we are called to go into the highways and hedges and share the gospel with the lost. That means, among many other things, that communication is involved. Clear dialogue can only be successful if we can speak honestly with our fellow man. It demands honesty from both parties in order for a conversation to be genuine. As long as a homosexual person is living a lie about their sin and immorality, our words of redemption soar over their head. In fact, they are not allowing us to communicate properly because we are assuming they are within the natural and biblical understanding of human sexuality.

The parade of homosexual celebrities and athletes streaming out of the closet is revealing about our nation’s moral decay. Most confessions are not even a surprise when we see the effeminate male or masculine female coming out. (Seriously, does Anderson Cooper, whose dad is from my hometown, or Rachel Maddow surprise anyone?) However, the fact that many are making public statements allows us one less hurdle to recognize and leap over. Their new found openness removes the ambiguity concerning their redemption in Christ. They no longer have the clothes of their religious closet to hide their immorality while they masquerade as Christians. Their stepping out exposes them to the harsh reality of their sin; and this affords us an opportunity to clearly communicate the gospel to them. That is, their need for redemption in Christ and deliverance from the bondage of their sin.

When someone comes out of the closet I think we are taken back because it shakes our own image of the morality of our communities; it reflects on us. We are shamed by the openness and shamelessness they take concerning their sin. But on the flip side, all communication is a lie if the one we are talking with is living a lie. And when someone lives a lie about their immorality they are a step further away from God than when they openly declare it. This is as true for homosexuality as it is for adultery or drug dealing.

Therefore, for the sake of honesty, for taking a real look at the condition of our communities, and for the call for believers to grow up in respectful communication, coming out of the closet can be good. That is, good if it moves the Church out of the condescending and flame throwing one-liners toward homosexuals and into the emptiness and pain of their broken lives. While it reveals the unashamed perversion of marriage which our society now embraces, it also affords the Church an opportunity to know who is who!

The Marketplace

The Church is being tested in the marketplace like never before. We have the media elites and left wing naturalists assuming the role of the prophets. They have taken the mantle of becoming the conscience of the country. Why? Because many times the church has abdicated that position by communicating out of frustration, ignorance of Scriptures, lack of biblical humility and love, or from an excessive contextualization which fails to call for repentance.

Now that the secular generation is accepting and embracing the immoral lifestyle of the homosexual as a social norm, the marketplace opens up. We no longer have the shame of society to convince the homosexual of their ungodliness. The Church must step up, understand the issues involved and call for biblical repentance by communicating the gospel without hurling belittling remarks and hopeless shame. All men come into this world under the guilt of Adam and are dead in sin. All are offered salvation through the righteousness and life of Jesus and the call of repentance. (Rom. 5:15-19)

The marketplace will liven up in the years to come, especially as another generation grows up and are taught by secular educational institutions to accept the immoral lifestyle of the homosexual. We must stand clearly. We must stand knowledgeable about the gospel. We must stand broken and humble before God and man.  We must stand in respect to our fellow man who is also created in the image of God. And having done all…we must stand!

So, while we are sickened by the move of our country to accept that which God calls unnatural and immoral, let us go to prayer. Prayer that the Lord would work through you and me, prepare us with broken hearts and give us boldness of speech to see the bigger issue of the ‘coming out’ of the homosexuals. God’s ultimate purpose is not the survival of America’s social mores or moral standard. Instead, His purpose is the redemption of Americans, and every other nationality, who will see, confess and repent of their sin. After all, that is what Calvary is all about.

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8 thoughts on “Homosexuals, the Closet and the Marketplace

  1. Athena

    I use to be a God fearing person, and a member of the Catholic church. I was baptized, and received my holy first communion. But never did I feel close to Jesus Christ. I didn’t hate him; I was more or less confused with myself. Ever since I was a little girl I had this feeling that I was “different”. I knew that in my heart that what I felt would be natural to me; would be considered as sick and perverted to others. Especially my church, and my family. I always had an attraction to my same sex. I found women to be a beautiful creation of the divine spirit, but also found myself liking men as well. I was not raped, and in fact I didn’t even know what homosexuals were when I was very young. As of late, I’ve decided to be more open as to who I am. I’m learning to accept myself, and it has taught me to accept others as well. Now, I don’t go around leaping down the street shouting “I’m a bisexual and proud of it baby!” but when asked I am more then honest with my answer. What of me and Jesus Christ? I am not a Christian. I have nothing against Christianity, and feel that it tells a beautiful and powerful message. Am I without faith? No. I pray to God, The Great Mother, and Jesus. I feel so much closer to them now, because I have accepted they way they made me. I feel that your message about homosexuals reveals a hidden agenda of hate. I’m not asking you to accept gay marriage. Jesus taught us to LOVE and to accept Gods children. Who are we to condemn those who are different for us? Is that not the Lords job? In my heart of hearts I know he loves me. I strive everyday to be a beautiful, kind, caring, and loving person. I want to set a good example to my fellow man. Who I love emotionally and physically is between me, my partner and God. We homosexuals do not want to be saved in the sense that you believe is right. We just want to be accepted and saved from hate. Living my life style is not entirely by choice. I was born this way, but I chose to except myself. I did not choose to be “different”. Who would honestly want that? You are hated on everyday. Told that you are a sick, twisted lost soul. I wish I could step freely inside a churh and not feel like those around me hate me. I ask of you to be please see me and others like me a little bit differently sir. I respect your faith, but please as a human being respect me as well. I don’t wish to be straight. It’s not me, Athena.

    1. Athena, thanks for your comment. Also, in regards to respecting you as a ‘human being,’ of course I do. How could I not because of the fact that you, and every other person is created in the ‘image of God.’

      However, having said that as the basis for my post and as the basis of my reply to your comment, you are obviously very confused in regards to biblical truth. Your openness about being bisexual has not drawn you ‘closer to Christ.’ At least it has allowed you to be honest about your need for redemption. For that, I am thankful for your honesty. Living a lie helps no one.

      Prayer is for those who know the Lord, not for those attempting to get His approval for their immoral behavior. According to Romans chapter one, the step of acceptance of homosexuality demonstrates that you have taken even a further step away from God…not a closer step to him as you think. There is only one type of ‘salvation’ offered in Jesus and it is salvation from sin. Also, I’m willing to do what many others are not, tell you the truth of what the New Testament says about homosexuality. It is not my opinion or the church’s opinion, but God’s opinion. After all, He is the one you will stand before in judgement and give an account for you life.

      While I am sorry for the hatred you may have felt from others in the ‘name of religion,’ just know that is not my goal or desire. However, I must be true to His call, and that call is to warn men/women of their sin (including homosexuality) and plead with them to repent and receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. He saves us ‘from our sin,’ and not to justify and continue in it as you are doing. When we come to Christ we desire to live according to His Truth. Therefore, my prayer for you is that you would take an honest look at the Jesus of the Bible (not the one you have made him into.) The One in the Scriptures warned agains the judgement upon immorality, including adultery and homosexuality. He never condoned it by saying it was O.K., and neither do I.

      For the sake of your soul, I plead with you to come to Christ by faith, repent of your sin and surrender to life to Him. When you do, He will deliver you life from the perversion of homosexuality and grant you eternal life. That is my prayer. True love is not to help or condone someone on the road to eternal damnation, but to point them to salvation in Jesus Christ.

      He died on a bloody cross in order to make payment for our sins. He pleads with us to turn from sin and surrender our life to Him. When we do, our actions and motives change as He comes to live inside of us and guide us by the Holy Spirit. If any person says they know the Lord, but they will not obey His Word, they are a liar. (1 John 2:4) That is, I’m afraid, where you are at. I pray you set aside what you think is the gospel or message of Jesus and read the New Testament for yourself. It alone has the answers to explain your moral dilemma and way of salvation. That is my prayer for you.


      1. Athena

        First off, thank you so much for replying to my comment. It is much appreciated.
        Second, I respect your beliefs, and I hope my reply to you comes in no offense, because that is in no way my intentions.
        I love Jesus Christ. I honestly do, but I do not feel connected to him in a way that a devout Christian would. I give him thanks for all that is good in my life everyday, but as of recently I have chosen a different path. I would be labeled harshly as a pagan, because I believe in a Great Mother. (My belief is that there is God, Goddess, and Jesus.) I know this belief of mine differs greatly from yours. I will NOT say I am right and you are wrong. In fact, I would love to learn more of your beliefs. I love to devout what free time I do have to study the many different religions. To me, I feel that all of them have some sort truth to them, and that it is of great importance to learn from them and respect them.

        I believe that what you are doing in regards to helping those without faith to find the love in Christ and God to be a just cause. Everyone needs faith. A life without love and faith is no life at all! The Divine Spirit did a beautiful job in creating this world around us; allowing us the free will to be different. What a boring and sad life it would be if we were all the same. But with our differences we can live in harmony and peace. How? By listening and learning from others with an open mind and heart. My beliefs may be different from yours, but as your fellow sister on this earth I will love you and respect you. People will always follow different paths, but we must learn to respect that in order to have harmony and peace.

        I must ask, and again Im not asking to be cheeky, nor offensive. I honestly just want to know. Now, you sort of quoted the bible about its stance of being gay, and I know there is a big argument on bibical marriage. Ok as a Christian you stand by what your scripture says. However that are many laws that are not followed today. (ie not being around a woman on her period, wearing clothing of mixed materials, having women to be silent in church (there are female preaches now), man having to have their hair a certain length, etc.) how come these laws are not followed?
        I am not trying to get you to question your faith, or offend you. I just want to learn from others.

        Thank you again for your respectful response.
        With much light and love. Blessed Be,

  2. Athena,
    I will attempt to answer the questions you have proffered in your last paragraph. Before I do, I would like to offer a couple of thoughts on your statements about what you believe. First, your position of God, Goddess and Jesus is the cause of why many would address your belief as pagan. This of course, does not justify their harsh or disrespectful dialogue with you, but at its’ core, it is paganism.

    Second, you are correct…everyone needs faith and love. However, the question of ‘how do we define faith and love’ becomes an extremely critical issue. If it is left to each individual, then people can make it up as they will and have no guarantee or certainty that it is correct. However, if the God who created us gave us the definition, then we have the clear communication of these two important issues. BTW, I believe He did and that is why I became a Christian from a family which was not seeking either. We can talk about these later if you like. So, “How do you define faith? How do you define Love? How do you define God? How do you define Jesus? What is your source?” I look forward to your answers.

    The questions you asked are classical questions which I have heard hundreds of times by those attempting to reject the authority of Scriptures. I will give a very brief answer to each, but there is much which could be discussed behind each answer involving comparative religion, epistemology and theology proper.

    1) The question about women and their periods is an Old Testament (OT) law. Christians are not under the law, but under grace. The OT civil and social laws no longer apply to the community of faith. The moral laws do, but even they are fulfilled by walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, which is given to those who surrender their life to Jesus Christ.
    2) Mixed material in clothing. same as #1. An OT social law.
    3) Women speaking in Church. Paul, wrote that as he addressed the Greek problem of the first century Corinthian Church. In those days, men and women sat on different sides of the meeting place and would ask their husbands to explain about what was being taught and cause disruption. He instructed them to ask their husbands when they get home and stop the confusion in church.
    4) Women are permitted to speak in church and even teach in church, as we see that in several New Testament passages. The usurping of the authority of the men in leadership is what is at issue when he addresses women and teaching. God gives various gifts to both men and women, including teaching.
    5) The Length of man’s hair. Paul addresses this issue in regards to a cultural stumbling block, not a law or moral issue. Again, the issues involve many things, but hair style and dress is not a Christian law and Paul was not making it a law.

    Athena, these are the ‘very short’ answers to your questions. I do not take questions concerning my faith as either a threat or disrespectful response from you. The Christian message is the only faith which can answer the big questions of life and give a coherent worldview. As Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.” (John 14:16) I found that to be correct and am always willing to discuss it with others.

    Take care,

    1. Athena

      Thank you again for your response! Also, thank you for answering
      my questions on some of the laws I questioned about it. That makes perfect since as to why they’re not follow, bc they’re primarily from the OT. (If I’m correct.) I just heard that argument thrown out there so many times, and I wanted to receive more insight on that. I understand why you would no longer follows those particular laws. I still believe being a homosexual is not wrong, but that’s my belief.

      Yes, I am Pagan. Sorry when I said harshly referred to one it’s the way it’s said to me. Like I’m the scum of the earth. I respect those of all faiths, but it’s painful to know that many do not respect mine. I am constantly questioned for my beliefs in a rude manner, and told that I will burn for it. Yikes! Perhaps in your faith yes, what I believe would be considered wrong, but that’s overly rude to say to someone.

      Now to try and answer your questions:
      Faith. Faith to me is believing in yourself, and there is something greater then yourself out there as well. Simpling putting it is believing. How can one deny that something truly Divine did not create this beautiful world around us?
      Love. Love is hard to define because it comes in many forms. To me it’s loving those around me with compassion and respect even if they have wronged, or if we are different. Love is powerful, forgiveness and it is healing is divine. Love truly has saved me from a dark path, and has allowed me to heal from my painful path.
      God. I believe in God, but I focus more on the Goddess simply because I am a woman, and it allows me to feel that I have a mother. I just prefer the term Goddess. God has to exist, but I believe he has many names (ie Allah). I believe that she doesn’t worry about what name she is called.
      To briefly explain why I said “she” , and that I don’t mean it as an insult to God. But to give the word a balance. Meaning you can find the masculine and feminine in “She”. Hope that makes since.

      Jesus. Again I’m not that close to him. I believe he was wise, and good man whose message was love.
      I no longer attend catholic mass and I celebrate my faith through dance. (Belly dance). I’ve always followed the Goddess at heart, and my dance teacher has helped me find myself. In her class we meditate to focus on healing and love. We pray before we dance to give thanks and celebrate life. She also, like myself, have been labeled as evil, because of our beliefs. However, nothing that her and I do is “evil”. For example, one of the books we study is called “The Path to Love” by Deepak Chopra. She preaches about the word of Christ, God/Goddess, Buddah, etc.

      I hope to be like her one day. She studies all the religions, and gives them the respect they deserve. She speaks highly of Christianity, and explains that having faith saved her. Her mother did not love her like mine did with me. She would sneak off to church to feel close with the divine. Her spiritual studies expanded so she wouldn’t be a Christian by definition but a pagan. I hope that she will give me the honor of performing my wedding ceremony next year to my boyfriend.

      I thank you again for being so respectful!

      1. Athena,
        Thanks for your responses. It all honesty, it is what I’ve seen so much before. That is, a descriptive mess. Not meaning to be harsh, but yet straight forward. You do not have a true message at all…just one made up at the whim of others who also need to discover the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Chopra’s philosophical religious beliefs are filled with self-defeating and mystical ramblings. Allah is a God of hatred and murder. Does 911 ring a bell?

        Jesus has NOT left himself to be defined by ‘what we want Him to be.’ Instead, He left His teachings to the disciples and they recorded it. Any attempt to take away what He has spoken about Himself causes a person to abandon true faith and love.

        Faith is not based upon wishful thinking, but upon the fact that the God of creation has spoken and He has spoken clearly through the Bible and through His only Son, Jesus Christ. Saving faith has nothing to do with belief in ‘self,’ and everything to do with ‘belief in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.’ No other religious leader (not Buddha, Mohammed, or even Moses) claimed to be God and then demonstrated it by coming back from the dead with infallible proofs. That is the uniqueness of Christ.

        You cannot take Jesus as a good messenger or teacher. He did not give us that liberty. We either take Him for who He said he was (the only Savior), or you reject Him. Athena, at this point, regardless of the words you use to try and skirt this issue, you have rejected the Jesus of Scriptures, and have created ‘another Jesus’ which fits your lifestyle. I’m sorry that has been your choice.

        I do pray you will consider that Jesus died for your sins and my sins. And He proved His Divinity by coming back from the dead, performing untold miracles and fulfilling hundreds of prophecies spoken centuries before His birth. He stands alone, and according to His teaching, He is the only way to the Father!

        He alone has the peace which mankind seeks. He alone can forgive sin. He alone is the redeemer. He alone is to be worshipped.

        I pray you consider His love for you and that you would simply ask in prayer, “Jesus, if you are real, demonstrate and reveal yourself to me.” That is a prayer He will answer!

        Thanks for the discussion,

        1. Athena

          I’m terrible at explaining things via web, but my beliefs are not “a descriptive mess” as you put it. These beliefs are my own, and I choose to honor them, and allow myself to grow by learning from others and other religions. I know you were not trying to be harsh sir, and it was not meant as an insult. You have your beliefs and I have mine. I would be wrong to say that what you believe is wrong and mine is right. That would be intolerance. Mr Chopra has great insight in my opinion, but he can be quite the bore in lectures. I don’t focus my studies primarily on him. I was jus giving you an example. I do agree with him that love is a healer. Isn’t Jesus love? Wasn’t it his love that abled him to die for our sins? I chose a path where I practice faith without dogma. It just feels right for me. I do my best to live a life of love, respect, and tolerance. I pray for that those who are strict to their faith find tolerance. Being a Christian is not my path; though I do not mind learning from it. (My bestfriend is actually a devout Baptist. So I learn from her and she from me. We have mutual respect where we do not preach that the others beliefs are wrong. We simply learn from each other and grow.) Its saddening to see all this intorlence. Agree to disgree, and show your fellow man love and respect. I know they are small fraction of Christians, and if you support them then I mean no offense. Im using the Westboro Baptist church as the ones who really need to be saved as an example.
          It’s not because
          I am Pagan and they are Christian. I honestly don’t care what your faith is. It’s when you use your faith to justify your right to hate, and to be intolerant. I’m not
          Christian, but I’m sure Christ would not want that from us. Hate/intolerence is a poison that corrupts the mind.Keep preaching his good word sir! I thank you again for your time, and respect with this enlightening conversation. We may have different beliefs and views sir, but I enjoyed this conversation.
          With much light and love,

  3. Athena,
    If you would like continue to discuss issues, feel free to send through the contact page. We can discuss via email whenever you like. If we had time, I could demonstrate the self-defeating and contradictory statements in your comments. That is why I used the term ‘descriptive mess.’ You disagree with the Westboro Baptist Church, and so do I. However, I have a propositional absolute whereby to proclaim their error and you only have subjective feelings. This means their ‘subjective feelings’ about what they do has the same merit as yours even though they differ. It becomes opinions verses opinions.

    Without Jesus, men are lost in their sins and will face the judgement and condemnation of God. That is inescapable and clearly presented by Christ Himself. As you said, it was Jesus who bleed and died for our sins…give your life to Him by faith. No one else died for your sins. And yes, His Word declares homosexuality as sin. However, His redemption and love can rescue you from the lifestyle and power of it.


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