Christian Writers – Beware!

All we can do is thank the Lord for the abundance of Christian writers and authors we see today. Many young men are getting into the fray of ideas by sharing the truth of the gospel, either through blogs or books. I’ve been writing frequently since the early 90’s and simply want to share a brief warning to Christian writers to help guard against some of Satan’s tricks and schemes against authors.

All writers I have had the privilege of being around exhibit a very committed and tenacious personality. We are goal oriented and usually thrive over deadlines and ‘getting the ball’ over the hill. We are capable of shutting other things out in order to accomplish what we know the Lord has laid upon our heart and called us to do. However, in the midst of these traits, we face some unique temptations and traps from the enemy. Here are a few.

Traps for the Christian writer:

Replacing quiet time – First and foremost, we must maintain our ‘quiet time’ of prayer and biblical meditation with our Lord. We must guard against waking up and grabbing our laptop or pencil as our first activity of the day. Let time in prayer and meditation be our primary goal for each day.

Replacing living – Getting detached from on-hand experience with the people of God. We can become ‘hermit-tish’ (my word) instead of being giving to hospitality.

Replacing sharing – Witness only through writing and lose contact with one on one, face to face sharing of the gospel. This will cause us to lose the personal touch of identification with the broken lives of men. Also, this detachment will come across in our writing.

Replacing intimacy – The single greatest truth of our faith is intimacy with our resurrected Lord. Speaking about Him through writing should never take the place of engaging and resting in Him through spiritual intimacy. Our heart knows if we are resting in His intimacy or just talking about it from a distant island.

Replacing family – Deadlines and burdens can cause us to neglect the personal and relational needs of our own family. Your children and wife need undivided attention and time from you. Guard agains being with them and still ‘thinking about’ the next article or chapter to write.

Replacing devotion – Writing can rob us of devotional time in Scriptures. We must enjoy and study God’s Word completely unrelated from any articles or research. We must not neglect the manna for our own souls as we seek to share manna to others.

Through the years I have failed at each of these from time to time. Therefore, I’m simply sharing out of experience. As writers we carry a great burden to pass the torch of truth to the next generation. We must speak ‘truth in love.’ However, let us not abandon the care of our own souls and those around us to accomplish it.

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