The Lord Reveals His Power to a Village

Over the past year the Lord has performed some astounding acts among rural villages in India. These villages had never heard the wonderful news of Jesus Christ before we reached them. They were no believers or church in their midst. This week I received a phone call of an event which demonstrates how the Holy Spirit is working among our church planters.

One of our church planters, Amand*, and his wife held an outreach service. (Pictured to the left along with their 3 boys.) They have planted two churches in two villages since January of this year. In preparation for outreach meetings, the believers give themselves to diligent prayer and fasting. Also, they pass out tracts and invitations to villagers who have never heard the Gospel. This particular outreach meeting was going to feature a DVD of one of the messages I shared at one of our Church Planters Conference. The subject was on “The Cross.”

The government leaders in these villages are upper caste Hindu. One of them, Bram*, suffered from serious heart conditions. He attended a physician and was told there was not anything which could be done to help him. He was sent home to die.

Bram received news about the outreach and, as a village elder, came to investigate what is was about. He listened to the message about “The Cross” and became convicted over his sins and convinced that Jesus was the only way to God. Bram responded to the message, repented of his sins and idolatry, and surrendered his life to Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Immediately after surrendering his life to Christ, he told the believers at our Project India Church Plant about his heart condition and gloomy prognosis from the doctor. The believers gathered around him and prayed. Bram returned to the physician this week and the Dr. asked him, “Have you been treated by another physician?” Bram relied, “No. Why?” The Dr. told him his heart condition was corrected and that he was cured.

Bram returned to the village as he rejoiced in his salvation and healing. As a village elder, he has property and influence within the village. His position as a village elder remains even though he is now a Christian. Bram, after returning from the physician, felt the Holy Spirit prompt him to do something special. He gave land to the church in his village so they could build a meeting place large enough to hold 300 believers. Amand and the believers are rejoicing over the Lord’s provision through converting and healing Bram.

The Lord is revealing His power to this rural village….Hallelujah!

Please continue to pray for these new believers.


*Names changed for security reasons.

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