Holy Who? – Inviting the Holy Spirit Back into Our Gatherings

Every Sunday morning millions of believers gather in various places around the world for church. However, without the presence of the Holy Spirit they are only club meetings, gossip sessions or fashion shows….but they are NOT Church!

Jesus left the Holy Spirit in charge of the church when He ascended back to the Father. He called men into leadership, but He charged them to do nothing, except wait, until the Holy Spirit took His rightful place among them.

Times have changed, but the Scriptures have not. When we read the New Testament we are driven to our knees in prayer for the same work of God to take place in our generation. We wonder how, when and where the Lord will do it again. We read about revivals from various lands and previous eras, and again we wonder how, when or where will the Lord do it again?

I’m convinced we are asking the wrong questions. Instead, we should ask, “Who?’ Who empowered the saints in the Book of Acts to spread the Gospel with such exponential results? Who gave them the boldness they had to face the terror and resistance they did? Who gave them the joy to suffer for the cause of Christ with such passion? Who gave them the willingness to obey God even if it meant their martyrdom? Who equipped them to train leaders and send out apostolic ministries into various cultures and people groups with astounding results? Who kept the local believers steadfast and committed, even when their leaders were run out of town?

We should be asking, “Who?”

In an average Sunday morning gathering, we sing about the Father and exalt our Lord Jesus Christ. However, we leave little or no room for the presence and leadership of the Holy Spirit. We mention Him in theological theory as we discuss His work among the hearts of the people. However, with few exceptions, we do not experience Him in the same way as we see in the books of Acts. If we did, our lives would be different!

The Holy Spirit has become the “Holy Who?” in our modern version of church. Let us invite Him back into our gatherings!


***Post taken from the forward of one of my new books to be published next year.

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