You Are the Salt of the Earth

The beauty and insight of the teachings of Jesus is how He used the language of common people to illustrate the treasures of God’s wisdom. He taught using examples from farmers, carpenters, bakers, storms, weddings, relationships and many others. In the sermon on the mount He said we are the “salt of the earth.” (Matt. 5:13)

In this verse, Jesus is warning believers about losing their saltiness and making their life worthless for the Kingdom’s sake. Why does He call us ‘salt’ and how does it apply to our life as Christians?

The Good

Salt purifies – It brings purity to every situation and thereby offers healing. We bring heaven’s prospective instead of letting bitterness, hatred and strife control the situation. We will either be contributors to the damage of the situation or agents of God’s truth to offer healing.

Salt preserves – It protects and preserves from decay. We seek to restore, protect and preserve instead of seeking to destroy and cast out.

Salt flavors – It brings the fragrance and taste of heaven to difficult situations. The presence of God can make the most difficult situation endurable. The enemy loves to magnify every situation and make it insurmountable. However, we are to be an example others that with the Lord they can face any situation in the power of His grace.

Salt melts coldness – It breaks down cold barriers. As salt is used to remove ice from roads for safe travel, we are to melt the coldness of men’s heart with the love and grace of the gospel. Through genuine care for the souls of others, the warmth of God’s love melts away their spiritual coldness toward truth.

The Bad

Loss of saltiness – This makes the salt worthless. Jesus warned us of this. When this happens we are useless to the lives of other men. A drowning man cannot rescue another drowning man!

Too much is sickening – The perfect amount of salt can add taste to bland food and too much can make the food sickening. Likewise, the lack of prayer and failure to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit will result in a person being ‘religiously’ sickening with a continual barrage of ‘god words’ and ‘bumper sticker phrases.’ You know them, they are always saying, “I’m too blessed to be stressed” while they hop around like a squirrel on steroids. They don’t listen to the broken hearts of others because they are too busy quoting worn out religious phrases.

We must not shake ourselves. Instead, we must yield to the hands of our Master to shake out the right proportion of salt out of our life. Next time we pick up the salt shaker to flavor our food, let us remember to offer this small prayer.

“Lord shake my life that the salt of your grace and truth may pour forth in perfect proportion to the situation in front of me. Use me to reveal your tastiness, warmth, healing and purity to every hungry soul I meet. Amen!”

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