Idolatrous Festival Director Comes to Christ

The power of the Gospel never fails to amaze me. The truth of God’s Word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit can penetrate the depth of any darkness in the heart of man. Jesus alone has the power to change a person’s heart and give them purpose and fulfillment in life.

Here is a testimony received this week of God’s redemptive grace. Some of the English is rough, but the message is precious. We are witnessing testimonies like this every week of people coming to Christ through Project India.

Hello, I am Seriva B__.  I just want say what the Lord  Jesus has done in my life. I grew up a very strong Hindu idol worshiper. We have mother goddess in our family  and I used to worship 15,000 goddesses  every day. I used to worship and pray to them since my childhood. The last 35 years I was also zone goddess festival director, but not now because I have resigned.    

Last 3 months I could not find peace. Something was happening in my heart. My burden was very high and I was even planning  to drink to poisons because I did not want live any more. I had prayed to all my 15,000 goddesses to give me peace but I could not hear anything from them. My friend, Raja shared about Project India Church and also about Pastor  Yohanbabu and all the lord is doing. I came to outreach on that night and in that outreach I heard about the Lord’s Word from Pastor Terry Ivy on DVD.  The messages  that he shared about love of Jesus and his pain for me on the Cross completely changed my life.  As I was hearing the word,  I just tearing about such great love of Jesus. I repented of my sins and welcomed Jesus on that hour. My life is meaningful now.

I really want say my hearty thanks to the Pastor Terry. I heard that he is from USA , I still do not understand how he had vision to start Project India Church in my rural remote village. I really thank god for him, and for his work in India. When he was sharing it is very clear, just like feeding a small child, any one can understand. I was  also reading track that he wrote GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS. I am so blessed when I read it.  

Before I surrendered to Jesus many believers from project India Church used to share  what is happening, but I feel that they are saying  these all things for promoting they religion. Thank God for Project India Church in my village. Thank you for the GIFT of  BIBLE TO ME.  As I read it the lord is constantly changing my life.

Before I became a Christian I was careless towards my husband. I was not loving him because of being busy in going to the goddess festivals. My husband was very angry towards  me. But when I became child of God, I began to love my husband. He also wondered about the change and also began coming with me to my church. We both are so happy and surrendered to Jesus as our Lord. We took water baptism and are so blessed for the Project India Church in my village.

 Again I want to say thank you for your vision & burden for Indian people.

 Praise the lord, bless his name! 

 Seriva B___

We need your continual help to reach these villages. There is much work to be done. I cannot do it without your help. Please continue to pray and support what the Lord is doing in these previously unreached villages. We are the only Christian presence in these poor and forgotten areas. The photo at the beginning of this article is Seriva at her baptism. 

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