We Need Real Men

A quick glance at the pulpits of America reveals an alarming trend. They are filled with effeminate, shallow, carnal and sweet talking puppets. The years to come will prove the destruction caused by the likes of Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Jesse Duplantes and Joseph Prince. (Could you picture any of these charlatans on the horse in the photo, sacrificing their idolatry of wealth for the spread of the gospel?) These false ministers lack the backbone which gave rise to the great awakenings of the 18th and 19th centuries in America. They gather the weak, ignorant and deceived with their soft touch psychobabble, eastern mysticism and hyped-up false doctrines. They are part of God’s judgment upon our country and the church. (1Cor. 11:19; 2Thes. 2:11-12)

We need men…real men! Men who are sold out to Christ and have a faith which is not for sale–not to Hollywood, politicians or popularity. Men who will stand for biblical truth and proclaim “thus saith the Lord.” Men who have been with God in prayer and have a “live coal from the altar” to deliver to the people. Men like the old Methodist circuit riders whose motto was, “Love everybody and fear no mortal man.”

We need men who will sacrifice like William Carey and Hudson Taylor for missions. Men who will stand faithful like Martin Luther and John Wycliffe. Men who will preach like John Wesley, George Whitefield and D. L. Moody. Men with vision like Francis Asbury (the photo is of the statue of him) and A. W. Tozer.

In the words of one of God’s faithful ministers,

“Nothing but the principles of the Bible can save our happy nation or the world, and every friend of religion ought to spread the Bible to the utmost of his power and means. Then let us look for the happy end of the universal spread of truth, when all flesh shall see the salvation of God.”

~Peter Cartwright, Methodist Circuit Rider, 1856

Away with those who pervert the gospel and lead thousands down the road of religious deception and destruction. Let us stand up and proclaim the full counsel of God with boldness and conviction. Let us not shrink from our hour on the stage of life. The Bible gives us the answers to man’s dilemmas. We must not water it down for the sake of popularity or to please man. We need men of prayer. We need men filled with the Spirit. We need men who fear nothing, love God and preach truth. We need men…Real Men!

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