Jesus Still Protects His Church

What if Jesus revealed Himself today as He did in the book of Acts? What would it look like? Would we recognize it? Last week I received another testimony from the front lines of church planting through our Project India ministry. In it, two Hindu ladies write telling of how the Lord appeared to them in a miraculous way. They described in detail what was going through their mind and their intent to destroy the local church because of the preaching of the gospel.

Jesus intervened in a very special way and they share what happened to them. I pray it encourages everyone, especially church planters, to look to our resurrected Lord to provide what is needed in our most desperate times.

**Some of the English is rough as it had to go through translation and names have been changed for security reasons.**

“Hello, my name is Sura and my friend’s name is Daga, we live in the village where Pastor Yohn has planted a PROJECT INDIA church.

We both are very bad people, we always enjoying sin and speaking very bad language. At the same time we are worshipers of 30,000 goddess and 67,000 gods. We are very strong worshipers of god ANGENAYA (MONKEY GOD) we also strong believers of  lord GANESHA. We never love any other religion, only Hindu gods. We hear about Jesus six months back and were so anger towards  project–India church believers. We used to think that jesus is not a god of India, but only god to the white people. Even we have seen many images of Jesus he never look like Indian. Our question is, “when we have 330 million gods and goddess, why do we want worship other nations other people god?”

When Pastor Yohn  is sharing  the gospel we asked him stop sharing about Jesus. We told him, “If you do more about Jesus we will kill you!”

Our aim is to send out Pastor Yohn from our village, or stopping him  from preaching about this Jesus. We want to destroy the PROJET INDIA CHURCH at our village. Last  month we planned  to burn the Project India church, which is a hut where Pastor Yohn & family stay in, it is a house & church. When we planned for tomorrow for the burning & destruction of the church, on the moment itself we were bothered.

On the night before our plan to burn the church, we both had  same vision. We have seen a great man with glory talking to us. He asked, “Why do you want destroy me and Project India church which is mine?”  We asked him, “Who are you?” He said, “I am Jesus.” We asked, “We should be in nations where are white people living. What do you want with Indians?” He said,  “I am the Lord of all, the way, truth, and life. I died for you, all people and nations. Even I died for you.”

On next day early morning we met with  Pastor Yohn. He welcomed us in such loving way. We have shared all the experience, and our plan of destroying the Project India church. Pastor Yohn is very kind man. He did not get angry towards us when we share this to him, rather he loved us.

He asked us to see the DVD of cross message by Terry Ivy. We listened to all the message. We really feel that we found hope in that message. We thank Jesus for Pastor Terry for his love and passion to share about the Jesus and his love and death. We really crying if this messages reached 3 years back all our family members would have been in heaven, but our fathers and mothers died without hearing the gospel.

We thank God for Pastor Terry. We thought that he is from India. Yohn telling he is from America and we are praying for him. We need more messages about Jesus. We do not understand  how Pastor Terry  planned to plant churches in our region by sending  great men like Pastor Yohn. Pastor Terry your message really touched our hearts. The Lord completely changed us. We just want to live for Jesus and want to learn more of him. We do not desire to worship any more idols.

We now come to Project India church and have repented of sin and surrendered to Jesus. Then one more miracle taken place. Before we were so careless toword our families, but today we want to take care of them. Our husbands also want come with us to the church. We have both received water baptism. Before we received Jesus we lived for the world and for sin.  But now we only want to live for Jesus.

Please pray for us.”

Praise the Lord. Jesus still protects His Church and performs miracles. Let us boldly proclaim His Word and leave the results up to the Holy Spirit. The photo in this article is Pastor Yohn baptizing these two ladies! Hallelujah…

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3 thoughts on “Jesus Still Protects His Church

  1. Praise to the Lord the Almighty the King of Creation
    O my soul praise him for he is they health and salvation.
    All ye who hear, now to his temple draw near;
    Join me in glad adoration.

    How great the gospel is and how great the ministry of project India. Your light shines bright in a crooked and perverse generation, my brother.

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