What We Don’t Want to Hear

repentWhen most of us were in school, chewing gum or talking back to the teacher was the great violation. I certainly spent my fair share of time in the principles office and getting much needed paddlings and detention. My classmates and I were certainly not angels by any stretch of the imagination, but murdering children and teachers never entered our mind.

The school shooting which began the recent trend of tragedies in the United States began in Pearl High School in Pearl, Mississippi in 1997. I was less than two miles from the school when it took place. We can look back over the past fifteen years and see the continuation of this type of activity and ask, “Why?” What has happened to our youth? What is happening to our nation? How do we turn this tide of violence?

When I was in school, every morning we had a bible devotion. I even read it one morning in high school. I was more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I knew my life was ungodly and I was not right with God, but there was a healthy fear of God which abided upon me and our student body. Part of the reason for this healthy fear of God was because every day we started class with a bible devotion and prayer. Many of our teachers were Christians and they freely discussed the things of the Lord with us. They pointed us constantly to a higher level of accountability and toward a life of honesty, respect and discipline.

Today, teachers and students are muffled from mentioning Jesus or discussing biblical truth. Even history is re-written to neglect the influence Christianity had upon the founding of our nation. We taped the mouths of those in our schools and kicked God out of the classroom. We all know this…but there is another problem.

We’ve kicked Christ out of our Churches. Today, we have effeminate ministers with slick hair and silver tongues who do nothing more than spew out psycho-babble humanism to needy souls. It all about thinking positive or being a better you. Our churches have become fashion shows and entertainment factories. We watch the preachers put on a show with their sweating physiques and ostentatious dress. We have froward women preachers teaching other women how to be froward. Our pulpits have been raped…raped by greed and worldliness, and few seem to care.

Because of these travesties, truth has fallen in the streets. Christians are seen as no more than weak, effeminate, reality denying, weaklings who need pep rallies and plays to make it through another week. And we wonder why men aren’t interested in church?

Ladies come with all their pomp, over-priced clothes and jewelry to display, not their love for Christ, but their attempt to look successful and accomplished. And we wonder why many women aren’t interested in church?

As the pulpit goes, so goes the church. As the church goes, so goes society! We live in a day and age where the soft speaking church mouse pastors are not going to make a difference. We’ve neutered the men and turned spiritual leadership over to froward and silly women. God help us!

We need men who are men, and who will get a living coal from the altar of prayer and speak truth. Our nation is being turned over to all types of demonic activity. In the face of these classroom attackers we see the embodiment of the face of evil. The shootings in our schools are just the beginning of sorrows for our country. The innocent always suffer at the hands of evil doers. There is only one hope for our country…that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We need to gather our churches, gather our families and gather ourselves, and kneel before God and repent. Repent for our laxidasical attitude toward sin and ungodliness. Repent for our laziness about the things of God. Repent for placing hobbies and every other imaginable activity before God. Repent for not living a life of righteousness before those around us. Repent for neglecting the poor and failing to honor the Lord with our finances and blessings. Repent for not sharing the gospel with our neighbors. Repent for not teaching our children about Christ and leading them in prayer. Repent for our silence in the midst of a generation turning from God. Repent for our racism and foul language. Repent for not repenting earlier!

Jesus came to give us true freedom in life…not a license to continue in sin. He alone holds the key to turning the tide of violence in this country. Our children are simply living out the examples we have set before them and each generation moves further away from God as they see the hypocrisy of their parents. Our children need us to live it before them. Our nation’s survival depends upon it. It begins with you. It begins with me.

In the midst of these tragedies, God is calling us to realness, calling us to purity, calling us to Himself.

Will you join me on my knees in repentance?

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