Peace in the Valley

Deep VallyEvery Valley in life has a road in and a road out…sometimes it’s the same road. These are the valleys in which the traveller can see the lowland slowing coming toward them. We get to prepare for the elevation change and experience the acclimation of our surroundings. Still, it is a valley nonetheless, and it brings a unique set of issues into our life.

Then, there are valleys where the land just simply drops off…like a sharp cliff. One minute we are on the high ground, enjoying the view and fresh air. The next minute, we plummet to the lowland with the suddenness of a acorn falling from an oak tree. No acclimation, no preparation, only the sudden crash to the low ground. It could be a sudden and devastating medical diagnosis or family tragedy.

Regardless of the type of valley we find ourself in, God is waiting! He is the highway of Holiness if our actions drove us to the valley. We see His hand and feel convicted about our decisions. We repent and follow this highway of Holiness out of the valley. As we take the winding curves along this exit, we learn valuable lessons about faith, surrender, repentance and love. Even during the times that our decisions caused the experience of the valley, Jesus is our Peace as soon as we repent.

If our path suddenly drops off and we find that we have fallen suddenly, unexpectedly and unknowingly into a valley apart from our choices or sin, He is still the Peace in the valley. We will learn lessons and deepen in our faith and walk if we submit to the path He has chosen for us. We feel like an outcast, but it is actually His love that has placed us in this lowland. He will throw out the scarlet rope of redemption to rescue us His way and in His time.

A valley is a place where the sun rises late and sets early because the surrounding terrain isolates it from the rest of the world. However, in the midst of the isolation and dimness, the loneliness and strangeness, there is a way to survive and exit. As a dear friend of mine told me recently, “the Divine GPS is re-calculating.” Let us be careful to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to find the right exit. He is there to rescue us if we caused it, and to rescue us if He ordained it. Either way, He is our Peace in the Valley!

Oh, What a Savior!

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