Go and Tell…

recording4A young man sits in an outreach meeting in a rural village in India. His name is Babu.* He listens as the Gospel is proclaimed in his village with clarity during a street meeting. Conviction comes upon his heart and he responds to the call to repent of his sins and surrender to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. When he does, his life is changed forever as God washes away his sins and makes him a new person in Christ. (2Cor. 5:17)

This story is unfolding time after time through the work of Project India, as we have seen nearly 4,000 come to Christ in the past 14 months and planted 41 churches in previously unreached villages. However, the story of this young man will help explain some of the phenomenal results we are seeing.

Soon after his conversion, Babu is praying and senses the Holy Spirit directing him to action. He obeys and is immediately thrust into action in the kingdom of God. What does he do? Babu is very poor, but feels he is to take all his money and buy a video camera and T.V. The Lord leads him to record our outreach meetings and then take the camera, along with the T.V. and go into the unreached villages in his part of the country and play the tapes for those living there. Without hesitation or complaint, Babu obeys.

The photo at the beginning of this article is Babu recording an outreach meeting. He knows very little as he is a babe in Christ. However, he knows the greatest thing clearly. That is, that Jesus wants to save those who will surrender their lives to him through faith, and that it is the preaching of the Gospel that leads men to salvation. He gave up what little possessions he had on this earth to store treasures in heaven. His heart is on fire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who have never heard.

If you happen to be in certain villages in India, you may see a young man on a bicycle who has a camera and small T.V. in the bike’s basket. His sandal covered feet will be dusty from the dirt roads he travels. It will be obvious that he is very poor, but you will be able to tell from the smile on his face that he is very rich in heart. He is reaching out to unknown people in unreached villages with love of Christ. He’s not seeking fame or glory, nor applause or approval. He is only seeking souls!

Many ask me about how are we seeing the exponential results in India. It is through men like Babu, who are not looking for excuses to say “I can’t,” but instead are praying, “Lord, what can I do, send me?” Babu’s story is just one of the many ways that believers are simply following the Lord’s call to “Go and Tell.”

The Holy Spirit is still calling believers to go and tell….can you hear Him?

*Name is changed for security reasons.

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