Emasculating Christian Men

ScarecrowOur culture hates absolute truth! It also hates and rejects men who are bold enough to proclaim it. That is why pastors should never seek to be popular or acceptable among the leaders of society. Jesus warned us to be concerned if “all men speak well of thee.” It is the sign of a false prophet. (Luke 6:26)

We are witnessing the constant disintegration of our society and it should not surprise us. However, we are also seeing the emasculating of Christian men in the church…even in the pulpit. This is alarming. God is looking for men who will not bow down to political correctness or social pluralism, and who are willing to proclaim the exclusive claims of Christ boldly, and call for all to repent and surrender to Jesus!

A gospel of love and encouragement is NOT the gospel of Christ if it excludes God’s judgment of sin and the call for repentance. The message becomes nothing more than pop-psychology with god words, and will only complement the further decay and destruction in people’s lives. Jesus said, “Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” (Luke 13:2-5)

The PC police are constantly watching and pressuring men and women of faith to abstain from appearing with pastors or churches that stand on the full truth of God’s Word. Their pressure cuts into the endorsement money of over-paid athletes and the perks of popularity. It reveals whether a man will serve “God or money.” (Matt. 6:24) We can’t have it both ways…Jesus made that clear.

Look around at the so-called hollywood believers and Christian athletes; and what do you see? Sad to say, usually very shallow individuals who have not taken up the cross to follow Jesus the way He called. Instead, they determine how to follow in order to protect their image. True Christians do not seek an image…Christ is their Life! (Col. 3:4)

Pray for your pastor. Pray for your deacons. Pray for the men and boys in your church. Pray that they would get real with God, refuse to compromise or bow down to political correctness, and speak boldly in the face of opposition. This is the only way to stop the emasculation of Christian men.

We are better served by a church full of men who look weak but have the boldness of a lion to proclaim truth, rather than a group of men who look strong but have the spine of a jellyfish when pressure comes to bear.

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