Monday Morning – The Pastor’s War

Pastor tiredRegardless how full of the Spirit leaders are on Sunday, there is always the Monday morning war. The Lord could fill the weekend services with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and yet, when Monday rolls around a battle rages. Take heart fellow Elders, Church Planters and Pastors….it is common. The victory of Mount Carmel is always followed by some degree of the loneliness of Elijah’s cave. (1 Kings 19:9) We are engaged in a continual battle…we don’t get a day off.

The enemy loves to do one of three things:

      • Over exalt what took place to get us into pride…attempting to make us feel ‘we’ did it.


      • Weigh us down with expectations to make it happen again and therefore get us in our own strength and producing manipulation or coercion.


      • Press on us to condemn, pull down, or depress us with unbelief and fatigue.

What is the answer for all of this?

      • Get alone with God in prayer. (Jesus did this frequently, Mark 1:35) Let His Spirit refresh and refill us as we yield by faith to His call upon our life.
      • Capture every thought to what God is speaking, and quickly identify the enemies thoughts and dismiss them through faith. (2Cor. 10:5)
      • Confess anew our continual inability and need for God’s grace and mercy. (1Tim. 1:14-16)
      • Confess anew our position and rights in Christ. (Eph. 1:3-23)
      • Weep over His Word…allowing Him to pour His thoughts into our heart. Not in deep studies (save that for other days), but in prayer and meditation. (Psalms, example Psa. 1:2-3)
      • Offer the sacrifice of praise…sing unto our faithful redeemer. (Heb. 13:15) The Lord still inhabits the praises of His people. Many times, as leaders, we focus so intently on the study of unpacking the biblical texts or helping the sheep, that we forget we simply need to release ourselves in worship and praise.

The Lord is still on His Sovereign Throne. His position of authority when the glories of heaven are falling upon us on Sunday, is the same place He sits when we face Monday morning warfare! 

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