Overloaded With Wood

Bond fireThe unique thing about building a fire is that you start with a little wood and fire–then you add more wood. Sometimes I think our view of church planting is so complicated that we’ve stacked wood for a huge bond fire, but we have forgotten to bring the fire.

We have an overload of conferences, an overload of ideas, an overload of books, an overload of theories, an overload of symposiums, and an overload of interest. Our wood is stacked as high as the old Aggie bond fire rallies at Texas A&M, and yet we are not burning…we are not on fire!

We are overloaded with wood.

We’ve attempted to cross every “t” and dot every “i” in order to be prepared. But honestly, how do you prepare sufficiently for the move and falling of God’s fire when He breaks out. We map out all the “how to’s” and the “what ifs,” and then we say, “Here is our wood, Lord, light it!” All of this while the Lord is saying, “Let me bring fire to your life in prayer, and then I’ll also provide the wood.” 

The beauty of a bond fire is that you put the necessary wood on it after it begins to burn. Nothing wrong with responsible preparation. But for God’s sake, let us fall before Him in prayer and become a burning coal from the altar of intercession. Then, under the direction and leadership of the Holy Spirit, the Lord will show us the next piece of wood to put on the fire. Wood is not the foundation of a bond fire…fire is!

Last week I spent some time with a good friend of mine, Marty Schoenleber Jr., discussing and talking about many things concerning church planting, revival, discipleship, etc. Marty’s insight and experience is second to none. His thinking and brain storming is refreshing to anyone running ahead of the curve. However, in the midst of one of our progressive visionary discussions, when I asked him, “What would you do here?”, his answer was both real and refreshing. He said, “Honestly, I don’t know. But the Holy Spirit will lead us when we cross that bridge.”

See, Marty gets it! And we need others to get it. If we are following the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the Lord will always be waiting for us when we get to where He is taking us. We need not ‘stack our wood’ to the heavens with all the answers when we don’t even have all the questions. Yes, we must do our homework, do our research, press to understand all we can and be diligent. However, none of this matters if we never catch fire!

We are overloaded with wood…let us seek the Lord in prayer and get the fire.

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