A Cry Through The Window

India woman windowRecently, two of our Church Planters preached in an unreached village. They proclaimed that Jesus as the Only Begotten Son and the Savior of all. They shared how that man must come to Him through faith and repentance by believing the gospel. After preaching, some rogue elements of this village attacked and beat them up. As they ran them out of the village they said, “If you come back, we will kill you.”

These types of reports from the front lines of work through our Project India team are some of the hardest for me to hear. However, I am aware that suffering and persecution is the norm for proclaiming the gospel to a lost and dying world. In America, we are shielded from this by our laws, but even this seems to be changing as radical homosexuals and militant atheists are attempting to squash the proclamation of truth.

Our top three team leaders traveled to this rural village, asked for and was granted a meetingt with the village elders. They requested permission to continue to preach the gospel and to be protected from those who would attack them. We were not expecting to have a favorable meeting, but after a couple of days of seeking the Lord’s will we were holding out hope. Three of the village Elders said, “No.” However, the other five said, “Yes,” and promised protection from the thugs causing the problem. To our surprise, one Elder in particular stood up and lobbied for the work of our ministry team. We were not expecting to receive the majority support in order to keep preaching the gospel to this village. However, through this one Elder the Lord moved upon their hearts of the others and they are allowing us to continue the outreach.

As I spoke with John, the Leader of our team, he related this story to me:

“Brother Terry, the reason we are going to keep preaching the gospel in this village is because of the hand of the Lord. As our two Church Planters preached on the street, the wife of one of the village elders was listening to the message from the window in her large house. (The upper caste have larger homes with walls around them to keep them separate from the lower caste.) As she listened to the message through her window, she became convicted of her sins, cried out to God, repented and surrendered her life to Christ. Then the attackers arrived and beat up our two Church Planters and ran them out of the village. She told her husband how she gave her life to Jesus and wanted to serve Him. Her husband was the Elder who stood up in support of our Project India ministry at the council meeting.

After this Elder stood up and garnered the support of four other village Elders, he related the story of his wife’s conversion to John and the rest of our leadership team in private. Following that this Elder related a remarkable offer to our team. He said he would like to offer the large hall in his house for a meeting place for a Christian Church in the village. Now, not only can we preach and proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior, but we can meet with believers in the home of one of the village Elders! Through the faithful preaching of our two church planters who were beaten, we are preparing to plant another church within the next couple of weeks. Please pray for this new church plant.” 

The Lord continues to reveal His hand to us through these faithful servants of Christ. We have seen over and over testimonies which mirror the book of Acts among our missionaries. Please continue to pray and help as there is much work to be done. Thanks…

5 thoughts on “A Cry Through The Window

  1. What a thrilling story of gospel power! “Father God, in the name of Jesus, I come praising you for the great work you are doing through Project India. Use these church planters to change the face of India. Continue to make them mighty in boldness, dependent upon your Spirit, and gloriously humble. Thank you for Terry and his efforts in training, equipping, and rallying prayer support for the mighty work you are doing. Amen.”

  2. shyam

    To”•••• lost and dying world”. Ridiculous judging with the sinners by birth outlook. What have you benefited from your religion on this earth? Did you know what benefit you are depriving those whom you are trying to convert? Does any Christian came back after seeing heaven to testify its presence? If you are so sure of heaven, why don’t you just go straight to it instead of wasting your time here for your rogue activities. If you think gods hand if somebody has helped you, why don’t you think its God’s hand when somebody beat you? Christainity has been sidelined in west and you people are trying to spread here after losing your public space there. Many christans accepted Hinduism even when no effort in conversion was there. George Bernard Shaw said that there is only one true Christian and he died 2000yrs back.!

    1. Shyam, our authority is not George Bernard Shaw. He died and is in the ground. Jesus died and rose again for the sins of man. The fact of His resurrection is the ultimate demonstration of the truth He taught. If you spent as much time investigating the gospel of Christ as you do fighting against it, you would discover the truth and beauty of redemption in Jesus. That is my prayer for you!

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