A Tract…A Man…A Church

New VillageA couple of weeks ago, our Project India team traveled and did outreach and evangelism in a village where people came to market in order to sell their vegetables, fruit and fish. Our team gathered small crowds and passed out gospel tracts. One tract, “The Cross” is a message I wrote last year for the team to translate and distribute. It discusses the plan of salvation from Creation, the fall of Adam, the promise of a Messiah, and the birth, life, death resurrection and ascension of Jesus. I wrote it in very simple language because it had to go through translation and printing for the rural villages we are reaching in India.

As our team passed out tracts, they gave one to a man who was at the village that day selling fish to get money to provide for his family. He lives in a coastal village several kilometers away. His coastal village has a high rate of illiteracy, and most of the population worship the water and fish hindu gods. Very few from his village can read or write, but he was one of the few. He took the tract, placed it in his pocket, and carried it back to his village after he had finished selling his fish.

After arriving back at his coastal village he discovered the tract and began to read it. As he did, his heart leaped with joy as he read the news about Jesus coming to die for the sins and forgiveness of mankind. When he reached the end of the tract, he prayed and repented of his sins and surrendered to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior–his life was completely changed by the power of the Gospel. He is the first person to become a Christian in this village.

He called the contact number on the tract and talked to one of our church planters. He related the above story to them and asked if a team of men would come and preach to them. Three men from our Project India team traveled to this coastal village and preached the gospel. This village had never had the gospel preached to it. These people had never even heard of the name of “Jesus.” They lived in total spiritual darkness. However, the light of God’s truth pierced the darkness and brought light to this small coastal village.

After our missionaries preached the gospel, 37 people surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ and have become the first generation of Christians to live in this village. And yes, we have now planted another church (this was our 55th church), and given oversight of these new believers to a couple of our church planters until elders can be trained and raised up among them.

A simple tract reached a simple man and became the life line to plant a simple church among an unreached village!

Oh, how great is our God. He can take the smallest gift and reach people on the other side of the world. To Him be all the glory, forever and ever, Amen!!! Thanks to all those who have helped us support these church planters. This is the fruit of your sacrifice.

Keep praying, keep sharing, keep supporting…there is much work to be done!

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