Broken Boldness

broken-jar-2Arrogance in the pulpit–the great tragedy in the American Church. As pastors, we are called to be leaders, not in pride and aloofness, but in humility and brokenness. And we will be, as soon as we have a deep and fresh vision of our own sinfulness and constant need of the mercy and grace of God.

As pastors and elders, we are entrusted to communicate the glorious truths of the gospel. We are called to be God’s mouthpiece to the sheep under our care. And we will be, as soon as we confess that our own homiletical skills and linguistic craftsmanship is unable to pierce the heart of man for eternal value, and we cry out for God’s Spirit from on high to anoint our words and direct our messages.

As leaders, we are called to be examples of modesty and hospitality. And we will be, as soon as we see the waste of our silk suits, expensive automobiles and ostentatious houses, and we use our resources to reach those in our community who are needy and lowly.

Every morning, we must ask our souls, “Are you broken today?” The flesh loves to run the show, it loves to get the attention and applause of man. However, if we are to fulfill our call of ministry, and not just waddle along under the pretense of ministry waiting to retire, we must allow God to break us…to slay us in prayer and constantly reshape us more and more into the image of Jesus Christ.

Then…and only then…will we have Godly boldness. It will not be shaped by the inflection of our voice or the antics of our presentation. It will be a broken boldness, and it will shake the hearts of man because we have been shaken by God!

“Oh Lord, we cry out to you. We need Your hand to reshape us into the messengers You’ve called us to be. We offer our whole being, our faculties and talents, upon the altar of prayer and ask You to break us. Show us the depth of our need and depravity. Show us every iota of pride and self that we may repent and be faithful messengers of Your Word and Your Spirit. We cannot fulfill our call without You. We do not want to speak without your Spirit’s anointing. In Jesus precious Name, Amen!”

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