John MacArthur Can Learn From Chuck Smith

John MacArthur seems to have adopted a ‘scorched earth’ policy toward charismatics and pentecostals. While there is much to be corrected within the circles of those who belong to these two groups, both doctrinally and practically, it is important to understand there is a difference between correction and rejection.

Much of the shame upon Christianity by non-believers are at the hands of the charlatans, prosperity crooks and wild-eyeed shameless false prophets from within pentecostalism that fill the TV airwaves with their vile false doctrines of ‘health, wealth and prosperity.’ We must stand against and warn people of these ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing.’ However, in small America and non-TV America, there are some fellow charismatic and pentecostal brothers who love and serve the Lord in great faithfulness and commitment, and who warn of the false shepherds while remaining true to the Word of God.

Many pastors, including myself, have been thankful for the ministry of John MacArthur. However, many, including myself, are troubled by the ‘all are evil’ approach he is taking toward those who believe in the work of the Holy Spirit among the church today. Here is an article which draws a needed contrast between the MacArthur of 20 years ago and the one we see throwing fellow believers under the bus today.

I will write about cessationism in another article, but here is a article of interest for those disturbed by the hard-lined and mean spirited approach by MacArthur.

John MacArthur Can Learn From Chuck Smith.

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