Politics – the Shibboleth of American Culture

Shibboleth of PoliticsIf I was Satan, the way I would divide believers in America is to force them to define their fellowship by the political party rather than by the gospel. Come to think of it, that is exactly what he has done. For the most part, Caucasians affiliate with the Republican party and African Americans affiliate with the Democratic party. It has become the Shibboleth of our Culture. Rather than standing for God’s Word and the truth He revealed in it, we sell our soul and divide from brothers over political party affiliation.

Christians give their allegiance to Christ and His Word… not to a political party or social institution of human ideals. It is a shame that most churches in America are known as right wing or left wing branches of Republican or Democratic demarcations. We should be know as Christ followers–period. That is, men and women of the Book. 

How do we know if we are part of the Shibboleth that divides believers through the portal of American politics? If our voting record only reflects Republican or Democratic persuasion, we have sold our loyalty to Christ for a mess or political porridge. If we affiliate ourself as a Republican or Democrat, we have elevated our social duty above the call to carry the Cross of Christ before all men.

We belong to no party but the Christian faith. We serve no king but Christ. We follow no platform but the Bible. As we vote, we should evaluate men, issues and laws by the truth of God’s Word and vote in accordance to God’s revelation to the Church. It may make us unpopular with those who use political persuasion to determine who is and who is not a Christian, or it may make us outcasts to those who live and die for party at the expense of truth. However, the only hope for America is not coming from the Republicans or the Democrats. It is only coming from the One who died so we can have “life, and have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

When the Church stops letting political parties divide us, we will see real social change through the power of the gospel to our communities. Washington is not our redeemer, hope or help–Jesus is. When the truth of Scripture becomes our common ground, the Church will have a genuine voice, and it will not be tainted or defined by political pundits and special interest groups.

As the Bride of Christ, let us stop being the maiden and whore to any political party, and refuse to let party affiliation become the Shibboleth that divides us. Instead, let us clearly stand for God’s truth with firm conviction. And when we do, let us stand for candidates who adhere to God’s truth regardless of their party affiliation.

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