I Weep in the Summer

SummerMost people prefer summer to winter. There are opportunities to get out and ‘break a sweat’ doing enjoyable things from yard work to outdoor sports. The warmer temperatures and delightful weather seems to scream, “get out and do something.” This is good. However, many times it comes with a sad element that makes me weep for summer.

What is that element? It is the large number of people who seem to completely forget about God and abandon their convictions and commitments. The summer months seem to promote worship of the god of self. That is, families consume their weekends with constant trips of self pleasure and ‘me-first’ activities, while abandoning integration and spiritual growth with their local church. It is heart breaking and sad. It reveals the lack of true spiritual conversion or spiritual maturity among many church members.

I’m all for vacations and time with family, and for refreshing the mind, body and spirit. We live in a fast paced world and we all need to slow down at times. However, I see so many whose life revolves around the river, the beach, the mountains, the ball games, the garage sales, the yard work, car racing, motorcycles, concerts, golfing, fishing, and on and on. Summer brings our idols to the surface, and we hate to admit it.

The advantage of winter is that is seems to force us to think with our heart, and to think long enough to work through necessary issues in pursuit of God’s will. On the other hand, warmer weather seems to fuel the flesh and tempt us to forget God and live impulsively and carnally. The summer makes us act like we can live without Him. We become fools in the heat of the year.

Parents think they are giving their children enjoyment by running them around every weekend from pillar to post. But they are actually teaching them, by example, to put everything and anything in front of God. And parents wonder why their children are always on the go and forget about church when they grow up? The young ones learned by observing their parents priorities…and the chickens have come home to roast.

I’ve seen this more times than I care to mention.

And for these reasons…

I weep for the children…

I weep for the foolishness of the parents…

I weep in the summer.

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