Jesus is Still the Friend of Sinners!

Rati (Madam)I get many testimonies from the front lines of church planting in rural India. They are filled with stories of the Holy Spirit’s work similar to what we read in the book of Acts. The Lord is just as committed to reaching men and women that are looking for truth as He has always been. After all, Jesus is the “same yesterday and today and forever.” (Heb. 13:8) Thank God He is, and here is a story I recently received that demonstrates the Lord’s tender care for all people, regardless of where they have come from. The lady being baptized in the photo is Rati, who wrote this letter to me.

(Names and villages changed for security reasons)

“I am Rati. I have been operating a prostitute home with 23 women. I have many sleepless nights, no peace or joy in my heart for last two weeks. I have gone to many hospitals to eat get medicines, nothing helped me. A lady told me about pastor Terry Ivy  and Project India church in the village where pastor Eli & Rani working. This lady named Daya told me what happened to her, how the Lord changed her. She used to be one of the ladies with us in the prostitute home for last 8 years, but after she came to  project India outreach meeting where pastor Terry Ivy shared the Word , she gave her heart to the Lord Jesus. She stopped working with us.

We ask her why? She shared how Jesus changed her life through pastor Terry message via phone. That message was on how Jesus loves me more than any one. Daya told me she was a very strong idol worshiper until pastor Terry shared that Jesus is the only god, way, truth and life. If you believe in him you will be saved. So, I believed his words. I am also blessed by his track messages. I was blessed by pastor Terry’s encouraging words from the bible.

This helped me a lot. Because of what Daya shared with me, I just gave my heart to the lord. I don’t want to run prostitute home any more. I just want to be a child of god. I stopped my business. Please pray for me! I thank God for pastor Terry, pastor John, Pastor Eli and also for Sister Rani for her bible study with women groups. I am so blessed with project India church in my village. Wow, what a wonderful Jesus who loves me more than any men. I am completely fallen in love with Him.

Pastor Terry, we love you so much for your passion and burden for India. Because of your vision and mission of project India, my life has changed. Not only me, but when I returned to the prostitute home I ran and shared what happened to me, the 23 prostitutes who worked for me gave their heart to Jesus along with me! Please pray for us. We have started a vegetable business. Please pray for our income.

We are praying for you pastor Terry. Please pray for much needed bibles, We want read the Gods word and want grow in the Lord every day. We can’t wait to see you when you come to India. 

We love you brother Terry,


The Lord still changes the hearts of those who turn to Him. Stories like this one are what I go to bed thinking about–how the power of the gospel is the only hope for mankind. Regardless how deep in sin, how broken of spirit, Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted and give new life to those who sit in darkness. Will you pray for their vegetable business? It is the only means of income they now have.

Finally, will you help me get Bibles to them and to the other 400 families we are needing to get a Bible to. We are seeing so many (over 10,500) come to Christ the past 29 months that we can only attempt to provide 1 Bible per family. I can’t do it without your help. We can purchase the Bibles in their native language for only $4 per Bible. Just click the donate button on the right side and help us. No amount is too small or too large. You will NOT be placed on any mailing list or contact list for requesting money.

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