Hindu Priest Comes to Christ

(Hindu Priest) cropThe power of the gospel to change a person’s being is the hope of mankind. Jesus Christ did not come to give us rules and regulations, or burden humanity with more laws and expectations. He came to die on the Cross of Calvary for the payment of our sins, and convict us through the power of the Holy Spirit. At salvation, the Lord changes our ‘being.’ Out of this change comes changed actions and attitudes. The gospel is not about imposing moral transformation or behavioral modification, it is about inward change of being that produces a outward demonstration of a changed life. And this only takes place through the work of the Holy Spirit at salvation.

Here is a testimony from a Hindu Priest in India. He shares how he came to Christ in November through Project India, the church planting ministry which began a little over three years ago.

“My name is Swame. I was born and brought up in a very traditional Hindu family. From my childhood I have worshiped 20,000 gods and 5000 goddesses. When I completed my 12th class my parents sent me to the Hindu theological school where I was learned in all the Hindu scriptures and mythologies and trained as a priest.

I completed my training in 2004 and have since then been working as priest in village temple. Every day many people were coming to temple. I used to do puja, that is, sharing peoples needs to man made idols which are made from many stones.

Even though I was praying to many gods, they never talked to me. I never felt their presence while I performed my duties. I had no peace in my heart and I did not know where to go or whom to ask. Since I had been priest, I could not ask anyone about my peace. Because if i did, they would ask me to get out of the temple. They believe that a  peace-less priest can never share to the god and goddess about the needs of others unless he has a peaceful mind. Therefore, I could not say anything or I would loss my job.

On November 22th, I was gong to my home from temple. On the way I stooped at a restaurant and ordered a tea. While I was waiting for the tea to come I was reading the newspaper. Beside the newspaper I found a track messages from pastor Terry Ivy. His  message was on the cross of Jesus and his love for the world. As I was reading that message I was completely changed. I felt the peace in my heart, and such joy in my life like I have never experienced. I just want thank God for pastor Terry Ivy and for the way of explaining the track message. I thank God for his vision for the people in India.

Soon after reading the track, I asked the restaurant manager how did the track come here. He replied that on 21 of November pastor John and a group of Project India church planters just came and did outreach and they were an awesome team. Then I found the contact information of Project India team and met with pastor John and shared to him what the Lord had done through the track. He was so happy when I was sharing all of this, and he explained about the Lord Jesus Christ. He also shared about pastor Terry Ivy and his heart for India and mission of Project India. I really thank God for him and his love for the Lord Jesus.

I welcomed Jesus  as Lord and Savoir soon after reading the track. Then I shared to my wife first. My wife feared like anything and she wondered how will we live if you do not work as priest in the temple? I said to her that the Lord will provides. When I come to know the truth, I did not want to countunue as Hindu priest. For 4 days I was in my home with no food on my table. We were much hungry. Then pastor John visited my home along with Ramarao and helped us to buy some rice and vegetable for one week. I shared Jesus with rest of family and brothers, but they were rejected me. They keep telling me, why do you want go after the American God ,……… and only poor people and untouchables and low caste people worship Jesus. Please come back, but I do not want to go back.

Good news came in the month of December. I a got job in the restaurant, and my wife and children also surrendered to Jesus! We are attending one of the Project India churches and we are so blessed. Many are trying to stop us from loving Jesus, but we will never give up. We want to live for Jesus and share his love to many around us. One day I want to be a church planter ,… Now I am learning a lot.

Dear pastor John please share my love and hearty thanks to pastor Terry  for his love for India and for people. Please let me know when he is coming to India. I just want give him a big hug for Project India.
Thank you to you bro. John and team. You are such awesome leaders. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

We love you. Praise the Lord!


Why do we go into the highways and hedges with the gospel? To reach those looking for truth, meaning and redemption. Why do we send Bibles to new believers? To equip them for service in the kingdom of God. Pray for Swame as we train him to be a church planter and to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is answer to the heart of man–He is the ONLY answer!

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